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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I saw #VaccinePassports on Twitter and clicked on it to see what was happening...phew the anti-vaxxers are out in force. Ironically their insane posts just make the justification for vaccine passports even easier for the government.
  2. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any stretch, but the way the government flat out denied vaccine passports were up for consideration for months, only to reverse their stance this week stinks, and it adds fuel to the fire of conspiracy theorists. Considering they now realised the 22 billion pound ‘failure’ of the NHS track and trace app can now be converted into an adequate vaccine passports that we should trust to safely and confidentially store our medical records? Mess.

    Also I’m already anticipating trying to use my Scottish vaccine passport app in England and being denied like I’m tying to use a Scottish banknote.
  3. Well if they don't want vaccine passports, they should be prepared to have multiple COVID tests and mandatory quarantine periods every time they travel.
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  4. Summer is coming hence why the Covid passports have started gaining traction.

    Greece just announced anyone from the UK can come here during the summer with or without it anyway, so...
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  5. I'll see you there babe!
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  6. Set the date for 'greek COVID mutation found' in early August. I'm guessing the 9th.
  7. It'll be interesting to see if we let people travel to Greece without the vaccine. Or what happens if the EU tries to bring a unified policy about vaccine passports, if Greece and other countries want to do their own thing.
  8. There's some test events in the Netherlands, Dutch info: Apparantly 180k people were interested and there were tickets for about 5k only.

    There are 4 differnet events: a dance event one & concert, both indoors at Ziggo Dome next weekend and a dance festival & pop festival outdoors in Walibi Holland the weekend after. I may or may not have scored tickets for the last (the best) - all of course in the name of science. It is open air, requires a corona test in advance (not earlier than 48 hours in advance) and after, can't be part of a high-risk group and have to do some surveys and more things. I wonder how it goes but I'm very excited for these to happen.
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  9. Problem is the same group doesn't do that either.

    I have my wedding in fall (and have ovee 100 planned guests - invited before covid). If everybody could have had the vaccine but you didn't choose to take it...


    No matter if you are first line family.
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  10. London Pride is scheduled to go ahead on September 11th this year. It’ll be interesting to see what they do and if it might possibly be scaled down.
  11. SBK


    I had the Pfizer jab today. My housemate had it last week and was dead for three days, but I feel fine... apart from an intermittent arm/shoulder ache.
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  12. i am proud to say that my stepdaughter has this same policy in place for her wedding in August, forcing even her moron future mother in law to get the vaccine! You have to laugh.
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  13. MB


    Another 485,720 first doses and 35,319 second doses meaning first doses are now at 19,177,555 so nearly a third of the UK population has had a first dose.
  14. *milestone klaxon*

    - 7-day case total is now under 10,000 for the first time since 4th October! Currently sitting at 9,688, which is great news - down 16.8% on last week. Today's figure (8,523) really nudged things in the right direction, as it's down a huge 29.1% on last Friday.

    - The death rate is falling even faster, with a drop of 35.3% on last Friday (519 to 345), bringing the 7-day average down to 357 (31.3% drop in a week - important to note, this rate is actually accelerating, as it was at 27.7% the week before).

    - Most recent figure of 874 daily hospitalisations, which is the lowest we've had in over four months - under 12,000 beds now occupied (it was around 35,000 at peak in January).

    - Coupled with this, a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine is thought to cut asymptomatic infections by 4x, a Cambridge Study has found.

    Strong news ahead of the weekend.
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  15. these are my favourite posts on this entire forum.
  16. It is absolutely incredible how things have turned around from the absolute horror of the early new year and January.

    I can’t even begin to imagine how bleak things would be right now if we didn’t have the vaccine.

    Feeling hopeful.
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  17. I'm so happy for you guys. Having a third of its population already protected for from the virus is such a feat, even if it's just "partially". I hope the rest of the world follows the example. The EU trying to coordinate 27 different vaccination campaigns is not proving to be very successful and it's only going to look worse the longer they stall behind in a post-Br*xit world.

    Hopefully I'll get a shot of something by Easter, cause I'm starting a hospital training in three weeks, but because I'm being sent to a private institution (but it has the best medical imaging equipment in the country! you'll learn a lot! blablabla!), it doesn't cover vaccines. All my classmates going to public hospitals are getting it next week.

    A true


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  19. Give. it. to. me.

    (Yes I will do this with all vaccine updates kii)
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  20. Just had my jab!

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