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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Everything in Ireland has been awful lately BUT this is really good news:

    Equivalent of 357k doses in UK.
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  2. I got administered an Astrazeneca jab after volunteering at a vaccination facility near my flat. It's crazy how many unused vaccines were left at the end of the day.
  3. I don't know enough about it, but my facility had none the other day. My man had his shot at a centre where there were two doses left at the end of the day. When you say 'unused vaccines' is that not closed bottles that might still be used the next day?

    But anyway, enjoy those PMs you've got coming your way x
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  4. MB


    I’ve had a few friends chance their luck at the end of the day at various places and all have gone away without.
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  5. Maybe it was specific to this facility or a one time thing, but the unused jabs were mostly for people who didn’t show up to their second jab.
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  6. I may be getting a job offer that means I have to move before I get my second jab. I wonder if there is any way to ask to be moved up.
  7. Could you explain the situation to the new employer and ask to delay your start or work remotely for a short period before your jab? Or try calling 119 and explain the situation to them, they may be able to book you in elsewhere.
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  8. Good options, thank you. They are adamant about working in person but we haven't finalized a start date just yet (I haven't signed anything yet so this could all fall through, I'm just trying to be on top of it). Maybe I'll call 119 first and see if it's even possible to move it up. I got mine at the Excel so I think there is usually slots if they can help me on the administrative side.
  9. The other option is to say your notice is longer than it is if you've not already let them know that. Hard for them to argue with that!
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  10. So I got the Janssen yesterday and only suffered symptoms from about midnight to 330am (it was a steady climb in severity but nothing debilitating), and that was about 10 hours post injection.

    Took a while to get to sleep but i have had no problems today. Glad.
  11. My second uncle passed away today, he had been on and off the ventilator for a while but it really seemed like he was making some progress. It’s just insane how we went for ages talking about how lucky we’d been for Covid not to have touched our family, only for it to take two of our close family members and my mums last remaining immediate family from her generation in one go. Fuck this virus.
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  12. Thinking of you and your loved ones and sending my love to you all. I know it doesn’t mean much but I’m so sorry to hear this x
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  13. SBK


    Rishi is trying to scare employers into thinking we're all thinking of quitting our jobs if we work from home much longer.

    I'm more likely to quit if you make me go back for more than three days a week.
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  14. Once, just once, I'd like the journalist interviewing him to ask "quitting to do what?" and see what response they get.

    He operates on another planet entirely.
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  15. SBK


    I know its a joke, just tell us you need/want us to go out to Pret or something for our lunches.

    The fact that Boris described working from home as 'days off' over the weekend is very telling, almost as if they're trying to whip up resentment in their base who a lot of will have not been able to work from home.

    I do want to get back into the office, but I really do not see why I would need to go back 40 hours a week, and to be honest, I'd be surprised if my employer expected us to go back full time.
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  16. Pah! There’s more chance if people quitting if they’re forced to go back into the office tbh!

    I hate how the government are trying to depict working from home as this never-ending struggle that’s affecting everyone’s mental health. I know no one who is frothing at the mouth to go back into the office. For what? Being crammed on a tube like sardines with someone’s armpit in your face at 8am? Dealing with stupid office politics and and only having an hour to yourself where you begrudgingly eat a sad Sainsbury meal deal lunch and then click watch until 5pm to go back on the tube again at rush hour to get home at 7pm too exhausted to cook? Fuck that.

    I really hope people stand against being forced to back into offices simply because Pret is struggling. Those of us who have been lucky enough to work from home have seen how much better it is for everyone. Fuck going back to that rat race bullshit.
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  17. Johnson claiming that "people have had enough days off" when referring to working from home shows how detached from reality and delusional they are. The audacity.
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  18. Johnson's comment makes my blood boil. I've bet I've clocked an average of 50 hours at least every week for the past year working from home when I'm only contracted to work 40. And I have no such thing as overtime pay. I worked myself far too close to burnout in the autumn. And yet, I refuse to go back to the office any more than 2 days a week, and have already let my manager know as much. Fuck going back to that stupid rat race indeed.
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  19. Apparently... There are churches ignoring all the COVID measures in the Netherlands, holding mass gatherings and all - and nobody can do anything about it because "rEliGiOuS Fr3eDoM" bullshit. I can't. Hope they feel guilty about all the people in the hospital, all the deaths, all the people suffering worldwilde while they are able to 'PraCtiSe tHeIr FaItH". And please, do not complain if they ever get anything themselves like this and deny them treatment. For fuck sake.

    A few journalists visiting them to ask questions got abused, etc.
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  20. SBK


    Yeah it really pissed me off, for most of last year I was so busy as my job is online and the bricks and motor music industry shut down so my services were in demand, my 'days' off started at 6am some days and I could rarely switch off before 9pm.

    Thankfully things have chilled out a bit and I've got more support from my employer but I was close to a breakdown ready to murder my housemates, so for it to be implied I was having a jolly old time really pisses me off.
    Thankfully, I think most employers have seen the benefit of being able to work from home.
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