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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I would hope the UK moves to a Part WFH/Part Office Hybrid when this is all over.

    Are people really gonna be thrilled at return to a 5 day office work week? And why exactly should we be made to feel like objecting to this is ‘lazy’ or whatever crap they’re gonna throw out.
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  2. In Melbourne my housemate has been working from home up until a few months ago, and their teams’ productivity has never been better.

    They were originally told that after the pandemic they’d be able to do two days from home, but now they’ve reneged and said they want everyone back in the office full time.

    When they’ve asked why they’ve been told they’re being “entitled” by expecting to be able to WFH. They’ve been given a whole lot of corporate-speak empty justifications about how working from the office facilitates communication and teamwork blah blah blah
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  3. Definitely don't agree with the comments from Boris/Rishi et al, but I would encourage people to avoid making blanket comments on either side of the argument.

    Personally, I'm actually pretty damn excited to return to the office. I work in a job which is actively very social, and where the success of our work and job fulfilment really comes from collaborative work, which has suffered a lot this past year. I am tired of my daily routine of shifting from my bed, to the shower, to my desk. And then... going nowhere, and sitting in the same four walls all day - going for the same 20 minute walks in my area not really doing much to alleviate this. I actually do genuinely miss the tube! I miss having a defined way to charge up/clock off from the day that's more pronounced than the opening and closing of a laptop lid, and 'relaxing' in the same room I've been working in for eight hours. I miss seeing other parts of the city I live in. To be honest, I'm quite bored of making meals 3x a day for myself, and genuinely would take an overpriced Leon etc just for something different! I'm sick of living in a house of four people, all working from home, where we have to juggle and manage portions of the house just to not interrupt each others' meetings. I miss having different people from different households to have passing conversation with. I miss having things in my day to stimulate new conversation. I miss the option of spontaneity in my routine, and, should I wish, being able to have an impulsive drink with some colleagues to unwind from a terrible meeting. Truth be told, my motivation within work is at an all-time low - it's all just so stagnant.

    But that just happens to be my current circumstance/job/location etc, and would I want to do 5x a week of it? No, probably not for the foreseeable future. It's all about balance - if people want to WFH five days a week if they can, they should be allowed to do so. If people want to come in five days a week when it's safe to do so, then likewise. Flexibility, where possible, is key.
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  4. I'm the same, I'm actually looking forward to going back into the office, I like my colleagues and it's a fun job. I live alone and have very little social interaction during the pandemic (I have a bubble but sometimes feel too needy to arrange seeing them all the time). Pre-pandemic I got 70% of my social interactions at work, and I liked being able to switch off at the weekend and in the evenings and have some quiet time, but now the quiet time is all the time. I can't wait for it to end.
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  5. I agree with the above, I'd be happy to have some variety in my life right now and go back to the office for a couple of days a week. It'd suck having to get up earlier, but I miss the chats with my colleagues and I miss being able to grab nice takeaway lunches and that. I also am sick of staring at the 4 walls of my home office, and the commute wouldn't even be that bad, it's when I used to catch up on my podcasts.

    It's all about balance - any decent employer should be offering a hybrid model and flexibility going forward. Luckily that's what my company is proposing to do, they're even changing the terms of our contracts to allow for a half-office, half at home model.
  6. [​IMG]

    Got my first AZ dose today and I am perfectly fine with no side effects whatsoever yet! Hope it stays that way. So happy.
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  7. SBK


    One of my friends company has downsized their offices, so they'll mostly work remotely but meet in the office for meetings, but most of the work can be done wherever.

    I guess this is the Governments fear - big businesses downsizing and there being a few rich property owners losing money - we can't have that now!

    Yeah, the variety is what I'm after right now. I can't even imagine doing the commute 5 days a week anymore. Even just the option of the walk across Hyde Park on my way into the office would be nice right now.
  8. I'm in two minds about returning to the office. My team is split across multiple offices and I'm the only member that's based in my office. I look forward to going back as it gives me the chance to see the people I share my office with; people that I haven't had the opportunity to speak to as much whilst working from home.

    But... I also feel like my team has become more splintered and pretty much given up on any attempts to socialise in the past few months. I already struggle to engage people with my work in spite of doing my best to engage with theirs when I need to and I feel this will only get worse for me when I'm still separated from the rest of the team and most of them are back together.
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  9. Sure it‘s nice to be at home but god damn I miss a nice chat with someone from work every now and then. Now we only talk to each other when we have a question and call each other.
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  10. Balance is definitely key. People should be given more flexibility around working from home and working in the office. It creates a healthier lifestyle all around.

    We’ve had over a year of practically no socialisation so it’s understandable that people are nervous at the thought of everything being overwhelming when things start to come back.

    We all had to adapt very quickly to this way of living but when the virus is no longer the threat it is now (hopefully very soon), I’m sure most people will adapt quite quickly in to a more social way of living again.

    We adapt to the environment around us so when everyone stays distanced and at home, it’s second nature to do the same. When everyone is out and it’s safe to be around others again, we will adapt to that environment too.

    But making forceful comments or the Government assuming that people are desperate to be in an office is a blanket statement that doesn’t fit everyone - always find the balance.
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  11. There's definitely a middle ground solution and really I don't see why office-sharing leases couldn't become the norm. Unless your company needs specific equipment that a standard office doesn't have, I don't see why you couldn't have three companies occupying one office on alternating days of the week and those days being "meeting days" to catch up and bounce off one another while continuing the main work at home.

    It's better for the workers who get a better work life balance and save money on lunches and commutes, and it's better for employers who save money on office costs.

    Yes, it puts some city centre businesses at risk which might lead to job losses, but... I mean, with everyone at home, there's more financial incentive to open stores further out in the sticks instead of having eight Starbucks stores within 2 miles of each other, then none for 30 miles. Sounds better to me.

    The big losses are for landlords but like you do leechery you get leeched.
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  12. LTG


    I walked past my office at the weekend and they’ve got big signs up for letting enquiries. Even once things go back to “normal” I think we’ll only be in twice a week, so no need for so many floors. I think that’ll be a nice balance.
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  13. I just read through some of the first few posts in this thread and WOW.
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  14. A big part of my job is talking to people about their health and wellbeing and I'm seeing a huge spike in people reporting that they really miss the office environment and WFH has caused them fatigue. It does vary a lot from person to person but a year without being able to make as much impact or connections with the people you spend a lot of time with will undoubtedly cause some impact.

    Hybrid work is the future and a lot of companies are downsizing their office space. They're also bringing in broad strategies which are basically X amount of days working from home no questions asked. That will vary from place to place depending on organisation culture, perks of being in the office, demographic of the workforce etc.

    The other big shift will be people who want to go full time remote. For a lot of people being offered a London salary or near enough equivalent to work from anywhere in the UK, or anywhere in the world, is a huge win. I'm pretty sure here were on the helm of a huge change in the way people work and there will be winners (companies who focus on remote work) and losers (those with their money sunk into buildings in city centres).

    Eat the rich.
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  15. I honestly think the salaries will start to go down. The organisation I was previously with (I finished about a month ago) were already telling people that if they were unwilling to return to the location where the office is based then pay was going to be adjusted to where they'd relocated to. Of course a lot of people don't care about that but it's definitely something to bear in mind. I also wonder about how job mobility will be affected if you have relocated to somewhere more remote. A co-worker of my Mom's has also been forced to switch to a Northern based team rather than work remotely for a London based team (and taken a 6k pay cut). People on Reddit seem to have moved home out of London and now employers are saying to prepare for return to office. I agree that it will be HELLA interesting to see how this all shakes out.
  16. I’d think companies would be thrilled at the prospect of being able to rent smaller and cheaper office space but still get the same level of productivity, employees are happier as they can schedule their work life to their own needs (two days in, three days in, full week in), the only ones that lose are the major companies renting these expensive office spaces and my heart ain’t exactly bleeding.
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  17. I’m pro working from home, with potentially a day or two in the office.

    I’ve actually found my work has gotten better at home since I don’t feel a push to clock off quickly so I don’t get home so late - my commute was 90 minutes each way. I can also switch off from the distractions of desk-side visits etc. and the number of useless meetings has plummeted meaning more time to get stuck into my work which is very data heavy. I’ve also found I have the right amount of personal time to keep up with housework/exercise now that I don’t waste 3 hours a day travelling. It’s been one of the few upsides of this whole shitshow.

    I do wish I had a break from the house, but if it were a case of everything else being open I wouldn’t have much a problem with it since I could meet up with friends/go for dinner and get out into the world easy enough.
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  18. I was doing hybrid working for about 3 years before all this and I'm more than happy to go back to it. Particularly as I'll soon be living in a different city from the office.
  19. Work is trash in general, let's not forget that ladies!
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  20. Just found out my employer is going to have Tuesdays and Thursdays as hub days where people can get together and collaborate in person / have face time with the senior management team / do 1:1s / help train the juniors etc. They’d also like us to do a 3rd day in the office. I’m blatantly gonna choose Wednesdays!
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