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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Yas.

    I do not miss taking the N/W from Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard in the summertime...on the rare occasions it was actually running / on time. Although the tube is worse with the lack of AC. Ugh.
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  2. We're doing something similar. Not necessarily specified "hub days" but using the office as a more collaborative space, to get the most value out of it and not just doing things you could otherwise be doing from home.
  3. Yeah, that’s great. My place has said they want to keep the best bits of home working (work life balance, peace and quiet, less stress) and combine it with the best bits of being in the office. I’m sure it’ll be trialled and tweaked but I am all for it. I’ve done nearly 20 years of the daily commute so I’m quite happy to mix it up a bit now.
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  4. SBK


    I think if companies force employees back to the office full time they're more likely to see people quitting for jobs with more flexible working conditions, the complete opposite of what the government is trying to scare employers into thinking.
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  5. I really hope the option to work remotely becomes a widespread option even when the pandemic has run its course. There are some times when I miss interacting with humans in a physical work space, but for the most part - no. I don't want to feel stuck living in Los Angeles for the rest of my career in this industry.
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  6. Some good news!

    Cause of AstraZeneca vaccine side effect discovered, treatment well possible. Dutch source
    Blood experts have discovered why the AstraZeneca vaccine causes a serious disorder of blood clotting in rare cases. It appears that there is an extreme reaction of the immune system that causes antibodies to be produced against the patient's own platelets. The good news is that the disorder can be detected and treated. The risk of the side effect is extremely low, he stresses: it is one in a million vaccinated people.
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  7. What is going on?
  8. Canada suspended it too. I am exhausted.
    The Guardian article above "suggests the risk of blood clots is now potentially as high as one in 100,000, much higher than the one in one million risk believed before" according to Canada's National Advisory Committee on Immunization. This is apparently based on data from Paul-Ehrlich Institut in Germany.
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  9. It seems that quite a few countries are handling it like that now. Considering the blood clots seem to affect mostly young women, I think it makes sense to vaccinate those with BionTech and use AstraZeneca for other groups instead.
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  10. The UK is steaming ahead with vaccinations and lives are being saved, all these countries stopping and starting are truly bewildering to me.
  11. It's not that black and white, unfortunately. I would agree with you if we had unlimited supply of vaccines to choose from. With such sparse supply, we don't have this luxury and I firmly believe that 0.001% risk (being pessimistic here and assuming blood clots in 1 per 100,000 rather than 1,000,000 as previously reported) is still worth taking given the benefits.
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  12. Agreed, I think completely stopping giving it to women under 55 is... kind of irresponsible. Doing so if supplies allow it and if it doesn't slow down the vaccination process on the other hand sounds reasonable.
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  13. Also helps the UK is not exporting any vaccines.
  14. Agree 100%. My boss is a massive twat and she’s already gleefully talking about how she can have everybody back full time the second the government says so etc. Which has already now led to me confirming that when we do go back I’ll be looking for another job somewhere else that provides more flexibility. I think in the wake of COVID employers need to realise that people are craving more options for their working patterns. Micro managers don’t cut it these days.
  15. Regarding my own workplace we’re being told that we’ll be retuning to the office during June-August on a rota basis because we’ll have stuff taking place at the campus and they need boots on the ground. Essentially 2 people out of the team will be required to work 1 or 2 days a week in the office and the others continue to do the admin stuff from home and then we swap over. On paper it seems fair and pretty doable and I appreciate that my work have said they’ve realised that a lot of us can do our jobs much better from home.

    Ideally I’d like this to be the approach they take going forward in years to come. A few days in the office for practical things that can’t be done at remotely but any admin/desk related stuff can stay being done at home.
  16. Ddd I know y’all are tired and just want to be vaxxed but the Astrazeneca vaccine is trash.

    And that’s not my opinion but my boss who is one of the world’s leading experts in immunology and coronaviruses.

    The science and data behind Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J is a lot more sound apparently.

    *Again, any vaccine is better than no vaccine but given the alarming rates of vaccine scepticism/hesitancy a questionable vaccine may do more harm than good overall for vaccination efforts.
  17. At this point I'd even take the Chinese one, which is probably made from slave labourer sweat, providing I can leave my flat without thinking that I could kill someone.
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  18. Scream at it being the primary vaccine in Ireland leaving us very little choice!
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  19. I guess it’s prominence is because of cost. The amount of vaccines we need...phew. Can they improve on it?
  20. Oh-

    Ddd the postdoc in my lab is from Spain and she was saying that the AZ vaccine is the main one there as well. Her parents both have histories of blood clots so she actually told them to NOT get vaccinated until they fix the formulation or another vaccine is available.

    Again, I’m not convincing anyone to not get the AZ vaccine, I just want everyone to have the info to make an informed decision.
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