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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. The AZ vaccine is more easily transported and stored due to the refrigeration temperatures. It’s also single dose vs a two dose series.

    For those reasons, it’s easier to distribute and physically get into the arms of people. The concern with Pfizer and Moderna was that people would miss the follow up dose but so far, in the US, adherence and follow up has been good!
  2. Isn't that the J&J vaccine? AstraZeneca is two shots...

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  3. I don't think it is actually? Because AZ have let us down with so many deliveries, we have given out vastly more Pfizer.

    We're also expecting a lot of Johnson & Johnson in Q2 too.
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  4. K94


    What's trash about it? Effectiveness or side effects?
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  5. Fff I can’t keep these pharma giants straight!!!!

    Astrazeneca is two doses; but the transport and storage conditions are similar to J&J.
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  7. ñññ I honestly had to check.


    This I'm not so sure about? These are the latest deliveries to Spain:

    Pfizer seems to be sending us most of the doses, but I think AZ is more mainstream because it's been on the news so much.
  8. I think it’s the formulation. All of these vaccines are delivering Spike into the body to prompt an immune response.

    Spike is the physical protein that coronaviruses use to infect the cells ( of many but it seems to be the most important protein for infection)

    J&J and Astrazeneca rely on virus vectors to deliver the gene encoding for the protein whereas Moderna and Pfizer rely on mRNA which just directly introduces the gene into the body

    [Quick biology review for anyone in case it’s been a minute:
    DNA —(transcription)—> mRNA —(translation)—> protein]

    We’re actually looking at doing mRNA vaccine trials with monkeys to generate cross-reactive coronavirus antibodies and from my limited knowledge, the actual IP owned by these pharma companies is the actual delivery system for the mRNA. I think it’s some kind of lipid nanoparticle.

    It could be that the actual formulation of the Astrazeneca is what’s causing the side effects. Everyone’s immune system is also variable. I barely had a reaction to either of my COVID doses but I literally had to take two sick days last week when I got my 10 year-tetanus booster because I felt so sick. Sometimes people are just more sensitive to certain vaccines. It’s also why people are held for 15 minutes after their shot to make sure they don’t have an allergic reaction.
    Maybe that’s it! She only mentioned it briefly over lunch so I’ll defer to you regarding Spain!l
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  9. Again: ANY vaccine is better than no vaccine so please don’t get scared off, especially if you’re young and healthy!

    The concern with blood clots is mainly in older people, especially older women on hormone therapy (estrogen can enhance clotting factors within plasma)

    My advice applies if you’re lucky enough to have a choice: in that circumstance I would advise choosing one of the other three given that the data is more robust.
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  10. Out of curiosity, I went to check how countries like South Korea and Japan are doing and...

    The country has so far administered 793,966 first doses of vaccines among medical workers and high-risk groups since the beginning of its vaccination campaign in February.

    Japan is still limiting COVID-19 vaccines to health care workers, with more than 780,000 first vaccine doses administered in Japan as of Monday — a number that accounts for less than 1% of its more than 125 million residents.

    Let me complain a little less about Spain barely reaching 8 million ññ
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  11. Ontario is looking at another 3-week 'stay at home' order / total shutdown as our cases and ICU numbers rise exponentially due to variant spread. Our vaccine rollout has been horrendous - people 70+ are just registering this week. It feels like this is never going to end.
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  12. We live opposite a park and it’s really nice seeing people enjoying themselves again after so long. I am, however, already so anxious about the amount of litter being thrown around. There’s pictures coming out from around the UK of all the gatherings the last two days and it’s fucking gross. The heaps and heaps of trash just left behind by people is staggering. The selfishness and complete lack of awareness of most people astounds me.

    I feel like I went in to lockdown already being exhausted by people and now coming out of it even worse. All the cleanliness and good that lockdown did for the environment is going to be undone within days.
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  13. Japan and South Korea had a better handle on it all in the first place though, didn't they? I mean the UK's rollout has gone phenomenally well, but it sort of had to because of the almighty balls-up we made of everything else.
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  14. Oh that’s great, clearly the extra attention that AZ were getting clouded my view of what they’re distributing.
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  15. My mum has just received her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

    It’s crazy how much of a comfort and relief it brings to know that you can potentially be around your loved ones again soon, without distancing from them.

    I can’t wait to give people a hug, I really can’t!
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  16. Interestingly, I mentioned on Friday that UK cases appeared to be stalling in decline, but that it wasn't really something to be too worried about.

    Over the past few days, case numbers have started to take a decent dip again, which (even although it's now no longer the most important metric to be examined) is really good to see. I suspect that whilst vaccinations will have obviously taken effect with hundreds of thousands/millions of additional people within the past week, what has also probably happened is that we were comparatively underreporting on cases prior to really ramping up testing when schools went back, so the plateau we've been seeing more in March actually hasn't been as much of a stabilising as we thought, but just more of an accurate reflection of where we're at - that's been what's held case numbers at a similar level for a few weeks.

    Deaths and admissions are continuing to drop at very encouraging rates (5.5x fewer deaths this past week than on our highest single day in January) - we could even be looking at 7-day averages in single figures on death rates towards the end of April.

    I'm happy that we appear to holding firm to the current timelines of lockdown release, as all current signs are pointing towards it looking pretty fair at balancing things. Obviously we still need to retain a great level of caution, and there will definitely still be hiccups here and there, but this is definitely now starting to feel like something of a home straight - one where I really hope the UK will begin to support other countries, but I suspect that might be wishful thinking. Worth bearing in mind, as has been mentioned, that we're only now in this position because we were so fucked just three months ago, so it's absolutely nothing for our government to gloat about.
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  17. Yep, but they still need to vaccinate and protect their populations, just like everyone else. On top of that, Japan has the Olympics in July, and even if foreigners will not be allowed in the Tokyo Games, we know by now that all it takes is a few undetected cases to go to certain crowded places to screw everything up.
  18. I appreciate the information/insight but don't you think this comment should be worded differently if you don't want to discourage someone from taking the vaccine? It's hard to see an expert call it "trash" and not feel that way. Maybe word it differently and add the disclaimers you've said in later posts?

    Moreover, if there are groups more/less at risk from the AZ vaccine, is it responsible to tell people in general to avoid it if they can and pick the other ones? Shouldn't this be limited to those at higher risk? Should everyone start avoiding the AZ one and taking up the other ones, creating situations where people at higher risk can't choose? Who should be the ones left with the unwanted AZ dosis? Those in poorer/worst administrations that weren't able to secure the other vaccines?
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  19. They just opened up eligibility in Washington state for those 16+ with two more underlying conditions.

    I get my first jab on Friday afternoon!
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  20. The fact it's still months away until I get my first dose
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