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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. It was me! Sorry/glad to know there's others out there in a similar situation.

    My sister died in January of cancer. Even though it all happened very quickly (she was diagnosed in September 2020), I was able to get back to the UK and see her. I helped her prepare letters for her sons and husband, and we made 'radio shows' where her friends and family requested favourite songs that reminded them of her and we put them all together into three playlists that we listened to with her on Christmas Day, which was really really special to see her smile and sing along. I ended up delaying my flight 3 times as the situation was serious but she was fighting. The last extension (I was able to make) meant I was able to be there on the day she died, and be with my nephews while her husband and my mum were holding her hands in the hospice. Malaysia's 7 day quarantine was a fear, but actually that space to process my emotions was kinda weirdly helpful. But missing the funeral was hard, and being so far away from my family as they deal with all the fallout is a strange feeling.

    A friend of mine in Kuala Lumpur is from a different Malaysian state (Sarawak) and they have a 14 day quarantine even for internal travel within Malaysia. Her Mum is having serious brain surgery today and I'm trying to be there for her as best I can, my heart just bleeds for her having been unable to get home in time to see her mum. Really hope all goes well.
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  2. Anyone feeling that despite things looking relatively good overall (at least in the UK) their mental health is.. actually getting worse? My productivity is through the floor and I feel like the closer we are to summer the further out of reach it feels, and the relentless stories in the media trying to fearmonger just feel like constant whiplash day-to-day. I'm fucking exhausted, girls.
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  3. MB


    Glad you’ve said this because I feel totally the same. It’s bizarre but I fully think it’s because of all the doom mongering in the media and also the official sage reports saying that if we’re allowed back to normality it’ll be worse than the winter peak so we need to have social distancing in place for at least another year!
    We were all told the vaccine was the way out but it’s actually starting to feel that wasn’t right.
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  4. I could be way off here but won’t there technically...always be cases, even post pandemic?

    A lot of the doom mongering centres around “there will be spike in cases” etc but if vaccination is truly doing what they say the data shows then we must reach a point where we don’t take note of cases anymore, no?

    It will become a point where we accept there will always be cases but it will be the hospitalisations and deaths that matter. If vaccination keeps them down and manageable, then that’s what allows you to live normally alongside Covid.

    I’m no expert but I presume that’s the end goal here? I just get frustrated seeing people commenting like “no there will be a spike in cases” as if they think Covid will magically disappear.
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  5. I think it’s helpful to remember that none of the experts that are speaking to the media truly know what the future will hold. This is an unprecedented situation and people are just making educated guesses, so it’s important to take everything with a grain of salt as this continues to evolve. I think it’s best to just have the mentality of proceeding with caution and remaining patient as this all plays out. It’s still too early to truly see the long term effects of these vaccines, so I don’t think there’s any point in putting much value in statements being made about the future. For now, I think it’s best to keep doing as we’ve been doing until more people can get fully vaccinated, and put a bit of hope in returning to some form of normalcy in the later part of this year. I’m throwing any of these ‘we don’t need masks/distancing anymore’ / ‘we’re going to have to wear masks/distance forever’ quotes out the window because there’s no way to know either of those things are accurate at this point.
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  6. SBK


    Yeah, I see a lot of people seem to think it'll be over by June 21st. They have no idea how long the vaccines will be effective for. And with the rest of Europe/the world being so far behind with vaccinations, it ain't going away. We'll have to learn to live with it.
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  7. I don't know, but I'd look towards what happened with SARS and MERS to see what will likely happen in the future.
  8. I just hope the numbers keep trending downward so that plan can actually be feasible.
  9. You're likely to see one final spike (similar to Israel) as restrictions loosen up and people get more complacent because of the vaccine, but beyond that we should hopefully keep trending downwards, especially as we reach about 60% vaccine coverage
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  10. I do wish they’d wait for the initial spike after loosening to subside before they set dates on a proposed full reopening, but fingers crossed it’s as you say, and things take the natural course of heading that way regardless.
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  11. A bunch of Oregon counties have heightened restrictions from Moderate to High due to increasing cases and hospitalizations. This nightmare is never ending it seems.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Just saw this particularly demotivating bit of news. Part of me thinks how can it be possible? I know we fucked up but to have the highest deaths per capita in the world, and by such a margin? Moreover, I keep seeing media outlets say countries like mine might take around 8 years to fully vaccinate the population, while others will have it finished in months, and it feels completely demoralizing.
  13. So I got my first shot of Pfizer yesterday (due to some... circumstances.) and I feel like an absolute zombie today despite getting 12 hours of sleep.

    I am not looking forward to what the second dose will do to me.
  14. I felt the same after the 1st Pfizer dose, too. The nurse warned me when getting my second that a lot of people felt even worse but I actually didn’t feel as bad as the first time. I hope the same goes for you!
  15. I sure hope so!!
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  16. I think for many of us the current wave of anxiety/depression/etc is actually a symptom of PTSD. If you have access to therapy or counselling services of any kind I highly recommend booking something. I felt the same way this week with a new wave of lockdowns and I realized I hadn’t even remotely processed the trauma of 2020.
  17. Ugh I totally feel here, here from NL... I'm so done with it all. I need something to look forward to; a concert, a holiday. But there's nothing and vaccinations are so slow here... I'm just done.
  18. The same here in Madrid, everyday things are getting rapidly worse again here with more restrictions sweeping in, neighborhood lockdowns again, it all is just a neverending pit of hopelessness.
  19. I read a depressing story of Madrid hosting hundreds of French tourists escaping harsher measures in France. I'm sorry to read this, but not exactly surprised.
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