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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Have they introduced new restrictions in Madrid?
  2. Yep, Madrid is pretty much "open for business". We have the laxest restrictions possible as our regional president claims "liberty over communism". It's a disgrace.
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    Wales have started using the Moderna jab this morning but England haven't mentioned when we're starting even though our vaccination figures have plummeted the last couple of days.
  4. The rates will probably be low for the next month or so given the supply chain issues, which is what it is. There are predictions it could last until June.

    They're expecting to have 500,000 doses of Moderna delivered by mid-April which (when taken in the context of the standard daily figures) isn't going to make that much of a significant dent initially. What it does do is give us a more diverse supply chain and when things are ramped up a little more that will be a big win. Plus those 500,000 are likely to be people getting their first doses so that's a wide spread of a level of immunity.
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  5. Yes:

    And all this why? Because Madrid is ruled by the conservatives and they're what? SHIT!
    And their president was doing photoshoots during the worst of the pandemi last year:


    The way the region can't stop giving us memes.
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  6. Hoping with all my will that the izquierda se moviliza and we get rid of her and her rotten politics on 4M.
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  7. This whole article is so depressing.
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  8. I don't remember this version of GTA5.

    Yeah, in a number of years, we'll reassess this and still nobody will understand what on earth they were thinking.
  9. But also let's keep the good news coming: my parents had their first shot (Pfizer) yesterday, well hello, let's celebrate that. They're in the Netherlands, one day I'd like to see them in person again.
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  10. Another day, another massive AstraZeneca shitshow. Many EU countries are now allegedly considering mixing up doses for citizens who received a first dose of AstraZeneca’s shot. EMA is due to release their statement in the next 30 minutes about the safety of this vaccine but I don't think the damage to its reputation can be recovered at this stage. This can also very quickly become a massive nightmare for the UK.
  11. April 10th and May 8th schedules for mine.
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  12. There’s apparently an announcement coming in the UK about it at 3pm, but supposedly Keir Starmer is the one who has said this so who knows I suppose he is a member of the party in government.
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    Seems to be true as the BBC are reporting it.

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  16. I’m sure they’ll get their second dose and be told to watch out for side effects which could be a sign of a blood clot.
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  17. Not me being Under 30 having had the AZ vaccine AND having a blood clotting disorder. I'm sure if Vaccine 1 was fine then Vaccine 2 will be too.
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  18. Getting ready to receive my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I'm feeling so relieved.
  19. Hoping this new advice doesn’t slow the rate of vaccination too much in the UK. On the one hand I’m grateful that I’ll likely be given a “superior” vaccine but on the other hand the risk is so small that I’d rather have AZ if it meant getting vaccinated sooner.
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    Exactly. I get caution but up to 31 March, 20m doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine were given and 79 cases of rare blood clots were reported in the UK with 19 deaths. 1 death is too many but I'm pretty sure we'd have more than 19 if those 20m people weren't vaccinated.
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