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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. It sounds like we may still be offered the AZ vaccine but get the opportunity to turn it down in favour of another? As I’ve had the same thought.
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  2. Not completely surprised by the AZ news, all the deaths/serious blood clots so far have affected young people (all women I believe but not 100% sure). I wonder if more countries will do the same.
  3. That’s not correct, at least not for Britain.

    According to BBC:
    • The 79 cases and 19 deaths occurred after 20 million doses were administered - giving a risk of about four in one million of developing a blood clot
    • Nearly two-thirds of the cases of rare clots were seen in women
    • The people who died were aged between 18 and 79, with three of them aged under 30
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  4. Ah ok, I wasn’t referring to Britain, I was referring to an article that was about Norway I believe? Like I said, not 100% sure, but it does seem to affect women more.
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  5. After what felt like a frustratingly slow vaccine rollout in Canada, I’m finally eligible to book an appoint on Friday. Let me tell you, the relief is real.
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  6. I feel incredibly lucky because the vaccine rollout in California has been amazing. Both my parents are fully vaccinated and I got my first dose the same day I booked the appointment, was in and out in about 30 minutes.

    I got the Moderna and had some body aches and low grade fever, but with some Advil I was fine. I hear the second dose side effects are a lot worse though.
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  7. We still have 18‘000 open spots for April here cause 65+ is only allowed now and they are not booking the appointments.

    Open it up for youngers then!
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  8. My mum her friends from tennis do have some appointments for vaccinations, she's the youngest of them and they are in their 70s - so we Dutchies are slow again.

    Maybe they will get rid of the curfew from 21st of April here and also open terraces and all. It's better than everyone sitting around the city without any measures or oversight.
  9. I don't know if it's a case of media trying to make things more depressing or what but I've seen a lot of articles only today popping up ony Facebook and google homepage saying about how vaccines are only good for at least six months but maybe longer they aren't sure yet. I've been lucky enough cause of work to get fully vaccinated earlier this year but if this is true I'll reach six months in July.
  10. There was an article posted in here recently about this. The Pfizer vaccine was still found to be 90% effective after 6 months of being fully vaccinated
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  11. the vaccines are not old enough for us to know for sure, so they can't say otherwise.
  12. Exactly, they can't say anything so they're obligated to be cautious in statements like these. It definitely makes me nervous that the vaccine rollout will be so slow that we end up going past the immunization window, but I file that in the 'alarmist' folder and try not to dwell on it!
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  13. MB


  14. Got my first Moderna shot today. I feel okay... kinda funky, but I'm glad to be closer to "normal" again.
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  15. Are there any instances of someone getting a dose of one and a second dose of the other due to supply constraints? Not that this has happened to me, just curious.
  16. Got my first Pfizer dose this morning, and my mom goes to get hers tomorrow! My dad is fully vaccinated already and my sister gets her second dose soon, so that means my immediate family is all taken care of. It's a huge relief, even though it's no license to go around like it's 2019 even after the second doses kick in.

    I'm now focused on helping others in my orbit find appointments, which are still hard to come by here in the Twin Cities. Even though it's frustrating I'm glad demand seems to be high.
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  17. I'm still fuming that I can't get mine, I have an underlying health condition, but surely I would have been called by now would I not have? If I don't get it with my underlying health condition, then I'll get it under my own age group then, which would be by May/June.
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  18. I've been working from home since mid March 2020 and I just found out I'll be back in my building full time in less than 2 weeks. Well it's over, apparently.
  19. She's a Moderna doll.
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