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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Had my second Pfizer this past Monday and was achey all day Tuesday with my arm being sore all week and now I've caught a cold with some terrible ass congestion from my nephew after being relatively well for the past year.


    I do think during flu season from here on out I shall be rocking a mask out in public because usually by this time I've had several sinus infections or a case of strep through the winter.
  2. I’m so fucking irritated at these cheap japan flights having everyone around me thinking that just because THEY have shots that they’re good to go for some well earned getaway to a country that is completely fucked with how they’re handling the pandemic.
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  3. The pub I live above and my boyfriend manages will not be re-opening until June 21st. The plan was for it to reopen on May 17th but the fact they’ve put it back to when all restrictions will hopefully be lifted is a massive relief for him. Should make operating the pub a whole lot easier and hopefully we’re all vaccinated by then!
  4. Considering AZ vaccine is not for profit, this is a bit of a shambles.
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  5. What does their profit model (or lack thereof) have to do with them only delivering 25 % of what they are contractually obliged to deliver?
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  6. It’s just deflect, deflect, deflect from their own failures.
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  7. The U.S. is finally sharing its entire AZ stockpile with the rest of the world where it's been approved.
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  8. Yaaas, just got the notification to book my appointment for the first dose! Looks like I'm getting the BionTech/Pfizer vaccine this weekend hehe.
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  9. I have run a pub throughout this whole mess and it has been horrible. Don't get me wrong I am grateful to be in work but the higher ups don't seem to understand that it now takes more members of staff to safely serve a smaller number of customers. I wish we could have waited until June 21st too, but I'm leaving in a week anyway! Best of luck to your boyfriend for June!
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  10. We need to stop any narrative that these vaccines are not for profit. These companies have gone on public record to say that booster shots that will be needed in the coming years will not be cheap.

    "A top Pfizer exec said the drugmaker aims to charge more after the "pandemic pricing environment," and an influential analyst says the company could be eying prices 3 to 4 times higher."
  11. Thank you! Yeah my boyfriend had to reopen, albeit briefly, between September to October before the November lockdown and I saw first hand how awful operating the pub was. The general public made is so hard for everyone working behind the bar to just do their damn job all for the sake of a pint. Here’s hoping the restrictions are indeed lifted by June so it can be a easily return to work for everyone at the pub! Good luck with your new job!
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  12. The AstraZeneca vaccine has been not for profit up until this point, though? Pfizer hasn’t, which is what your article is referring to. AZ have said they’ll review once current contracts end.
  13. With the amount of public funds that has gone into the AZ vaccine they would have quite a nerve making it for profit.

    That said, I will bet my house that AZ's vaccine will be with a substantial profit once the current pandemic contract is up.
  14. The EU have already said they won't be renewing their AZ contracts. Which, when you consider how much AZ has completely failed on all their delivery promises, you can't really blame them.

    Not sure how that works for everyone who's getting the AZ vaccine now though, in terms of boosters. Will they be able to get a Pfizer or Moderna one instead?
  15. MB


    I think they've said boosters don't have to be the same 'brand' as your original vaccine.
  16. I can book a vaccine now... but only if I'm willing to drive 40 miles for it. No entiendo.
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  17. Dropping the age limit one year at a time in the UK is *painful*!
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