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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I got a text. I assume it’s to do with your local authority.
  2. Health is a devolved matter, so NHS Scotland have been doing it differently to NHS England. Scotland have been sending letters in a blue envelope whereas in England most people having been getting a text inviting them to book their vaccine or booking on the website when it updates for their age group.

    I’ve read the reason it’s different for 18-29 years old to everyone else in Scotland is due to the fact that age group is more likely to have two addresses (Students with a home & term time address etc) and they’re also least likely to be registered with a GP/updated their info when they’ve moved so the letters wouldn’t go to right address.
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  3. Just been Pfizer’ed up by a rather enchanting blond, blue-eyed hunk of a nurse. Lovely.
  4. I have now had my second dose and feeling fab. For now.
    Our surgery makes you wait outside though and they were running late. Which is fine but I live in Scotland and it was torrential rain. But all done now.
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  5. I've been summoned for my second jab so soon! It'll only be a 5-week gap.
  6. 30 and 31 year olds in England can now book their vaccine. It still says 32 on the website but it will let you book it when you put in your details.
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  7. My 28 year old self waiting

  8. I’m 28 and literally got a text today to say I could book my first vaccine. Roll on June 2nd!
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  9. Me checking for the text from my GP/Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

  10. Pt.1 done. I didn't even feel it when the nice lady did it and was surprised when she said 'all done.'
    My arm is now feeling a little tender and numb-ish, but otherwise all good.
  11. Me seeing New England fully open, no masks, no limitations at any business of any kind from Monday and still seeing age brackets in the UK that we saw here in early April.


    I'm feel for you all and hope you all get there soon! xx
  12. Our province announced the re-opening plan today and it's kind of hard to believe that it's actually happening. Got my first shot last week and cases are plummeting.
    Thank you, thank you, sci-eeence.
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  13. People aged 30+ can now FINALLY book their vaccine appointments here in the UK! They’ve just updated the website.

    First dose booked for June 6th and second dose booked August 22nd - 5 days before my birthday! I’m so relieved I’ve finally got these sorted.
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  14. Trying to get an appointment that isn’t 59 miles away… it’s like booking festival tickets.
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  15. I had to try a few different times with different postcodes (ended up booking with my office postcode) to get a centre I could feasibly travel to with availability within the next few days. It was definitely as stressful, if not more, as getting festival tickets!
  16. Ddd they were giving me such ridiculous appointment suggestions near to where I live that I ended up booking in an entirely different city and coupled it with a few days holiday there. Glam!

  17. There is literally a stadium doing vaccinations 10 minutes walk from me and I can’t get an appointment. Is this how it feels to try and see a Beyonce tour?
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  18. I booked my jabs as soon as I got the text from the NHS.
    I ended up choosing a place that was an hour away by bus.

    And then the next day my doctor surgery sent me a text to say they had appointments for a church around the corner from home.
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  19. Yeah my city's biggest stadium sized vaccination centre was giving me two weeks later jabs, but changing to one literally five mnutes walk away gave me a slot the next day. I think it's because everyone wants theirs done in that new big centre whereas the other is an old hospital.
  20. I could've had mine in the Science Museum! But I picked somewhere local instead.
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