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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Just had my second jab. So happy.
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  2. Finally got my vaccine booked!

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  3. Just left the vaccination centre and now frolicking in the London sunshine.

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  4. Yay at y'all booking local while Dutchies still struggle to allow anyone under 40 to book
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  5. Had my 2nd jab this morning as part of the Valneva vaccine trial and so far I haven't had any side effects. Couldn't fault the research nurses, they were super supportive and friendly- especially after I admitted I was terrified of needles.
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  6. Went to register for my first vaccine and I find out i'm not registered with a GP ddd
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  7. We are back in a semi-lockdown for a week in VIC (Australia). Hopefully this development will go a long way in showing our PM that the vaccine rollout really needs to pick up pace across the country!

    Though considering this is him, maybe I am asking for too much..

  8. States having to bribe residents to get vaccinated is so gross. It's worth it in the name of public health, but damn. Icky.
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  9. I honestly think it's the best idea any state government has had when it comes to handling this fffff. This country has worms for brains. If there's 2 things I know Americans will abandon their questionable morals for, it's the lottery & a good deal. New Jersey (and many other state governments) has been working with local breweries/wineries to give people free drinks if they show up with their vaccination card. It's so predictable & pathetic but it seems to be working so let's GO.
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  10. Yeah, like I said, the ends clearly justify the means. But how depressing is that nn
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  11. Whew, day two of Pfizer and I’ve woken up feeling like I’ve been hit by a Covid truck. I actually feel even worse than when I originally had Covid.
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  12. I was gonna agree with this but California running a lottery is kinda taking the piss dddd

    Maybe just do UBI with that excess state cash you're bragging about!
  13. Managed to suffer no side effects at all with my second jab, which I am thankful for as I really was hit hard by the first.
    Feels good to be fully vaccinated.
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  14. The weirdest low-level side effect I've had since Pfizer has been a four day long bout of depression, which I really don't get often and is very unlike me. Has anyone had similar?
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  15. Has anyone noticed less hayfever symptoms after having covid? Usually I’m popping pills daily because of allergies but this year I’ve been absolutely fine. It’s odd.
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  16. kal


    Weird, because I’ve never had hay fever, but this year I’ve had an inexplicable nasal voice which comes and goes randomly. It started happening 2 weeks after the first dose.
  17. Glasgow being the only place in the UK still in lockdown despite there being other places with higher rates.

    I’m about to break.
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  18. MB


    Case rates are on the increase in the UK, deaths remain low but we know there's always a lag between the two. I just hope that we aren't about to see a 'third wave' and that the vaccinations do their job.
    I can see June 21st being more like end of July / August. I'd prefer the delay to get the yung uns' vaccinated and more people double dosed compared to another potential lockdown.
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  20. Countries that started opening up once they reached a high vaccination rate (Israel and US thus far) both experienced increased Covid cases as they eased lockdowns, but both avoided high deaths/hospitalizations due to so many people being immunized.

    The United States expected at one point a gigantic third wave, but luckily we were able to avoid it. Hopefully this is the case with the UK
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