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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Just got a text to go for my first vaccine appointment next Sunday, didn't expect it to be so soon since I only registered a couple of days ago so wig.
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  2. Even if I didn't have ID, would they turn me away? It's a photo of my passport on my phone, so even if I can't find the physical passport, could they accept that instead?
  3. Yeah this isn’t a nightclub or something, the goal is to get you vaccinated if possible on that day. I’d be surprised if they even ask.
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  4. It’s just that ID is required for vaccination in Northern Ireland so if you don’t have it, it says you’ll be turned away, so I’m not sure if they’ll even bother asking.
  5. Had my first vaccine yesterday gals! Arm is a little sore today but no other side effects as of yet.
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  6. My mom: They're vaccinating those in their 40's already, so your turn must be close.

    Me: *receives text with vaccine appointment for July 28th*

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  7. I got my first jab of Pfizer on May 19. It went very fast. I spent there like 30 minutes. My arm hurt for almost 2 days but that was it. My second jab is on June 23.

    The only thing that I regret is telling some of my friends about it. The things I read were really disturbing.
  8. What do you mean by what you read? As in like anti-vaxx shite?
  9. - Are you sure you've really thought this through?
    - You are a stupid lamb that participates in a global medical experiment.
    - Why have you done it?
    - You are not going to die but in like 10 years from now you will get a new type of Alzheimer's disease and you are gonna take pills for the rest of your life.
    - You do not need the medical knowledge to know that COVID vaccine is bad for you. Just use your brain.
    - There are so many people who died after vaccination.
    - By getting a vaccine you agree for the segregation of people.
    - I am not that stupid. I will not get a vaccine because I will not let someone to segregate me and put me in a concentration camp like in 1940s.
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  10. Make new friends.
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  11. I just told them that in the future we will never discuss this topic ever again. It worked.
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  12. What the actual fuck? I'm disgusted and angry that they would even stoop this low, they're fucking braindead, sorry to say.
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  13. Why are they so anti-vax? I'm confused.
  14. kal


    Anti-vaxxers are so pervasive, and so fucking exhausting. Like.. if they’re that much against science they should stop using technology too. Morons.
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  15. I think that people just do not want to do their own research and some people just tend to fall for some strange bullshit. I was like - WTF, I am gonna have that vaccine today and you are telling me about the concentration camps and that I am freaking stupid? Please stop.

    A few days ago I met one of my friends and she told me that some people from her family are not gonna take the vaccine because their children told them. One of their daughters had some serious side effects after taking a flue vaccine and that was enough to persuade her parents not to take a COVID vaccine.
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  16. I feel you, my sister is like this too, she says that shouldn’t have been deployed as it wasn’t developed long enough and she still believes that it causes fertility issues after it was proven false, I think she’s getting from our cousin, whose Dad (also our cousin) is Anti-Vax too, so I’m like the fuck?
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  17. I didn't expect to get a bit emotional watching a stadium with 2500 attendance singing Canada's national anthem before a hockey game...

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  18. jafihgrnaperaovnpaoerhoapdrnbo

    I don't know if I'd be able to handle just simply not talking about it if I knew my friends feel the way yours do. You are a more gracious person than I am.
  19. Some people just don't like being told what to do. That's literally it.
  20. I'd never meet up with a person who has these views again? Like I'd be anxious the whole time the subject may come up and I'll probably have to leave mid-sentence. I'd stay 'friends' but would never meet up in real life.
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