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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. kal


    There are two possible outcomes when I engage with such people: I either argue until both parties get exhausted, or I completely take the piss, and flip their insanity on its head.

    Neither is productive, but at least the latter doesn’t drain me.
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  2. I’m after my two first weekend shortened shifts as a volunteer in a vaccination centre! The place was busy and I felt like the organisation wasn’t the best to be completely honest but the atmosphere between all volunteers (and people coming in for their jabs too) was very special. People can hold together when they really want to.
  3. I think I’m going to struggle when things continue to be eased. This pandemic has made me hate people more.

    People’s inability to wear masks properly. People’s inability to follow one way systems in public spaces. People’s inability to social distance. It just makes me hate people.
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  4. I had my first appointment this morning and it was absolutely fine. A slight pinch from the needle, but it wasn't uncomfortable and I would've barely noticed it if I wasn't looking and expecting it (I normally look away but the way the room was set up I could see others being vaccinated so already saw the needle which I usually try to avoid). I received the Pfizer vaccine and the only immediate side effect for me was a heavy/achy arm which occurred within the 15-minute waiting time afterwards, but again it's not too uncomfortable and hardly noticeable until you move/use your arm. Hope you're all doing good!
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  5. I'm getting my second dose in a few hours and I'm so happy, but at the same time I'm kind of scared because I'm very busy for the next couple of days so I can't afford to stay in bed if I get collateral symptoms. Wish me luck ddd
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  6. I hated people in general before this, so I literally just acknowledge animals at this point and that's it.
  7. People who think it's suddenly OK to vote for the most disgusting Government the UK has ever seen...
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  8. Heads up for anyone who lives near Twickenham, they are administering Pfizer vaccines and anyone 18+ is being accepted, to save any wastage.

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  9. I think this is a great idea, hoping many people over 18 will take advantage of this.
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  10. I’m getting my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine tomorrow morning.It’ll be interesting to see how I react as I had Covid at Christmas and then was ill after the 1st dose so hoping I’m fine with the 2nd.
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  11. They ran out around 19:00 with hundreds still queueing so I'd say that it was a huge success.

    They need to open the vaccines up for everyone.
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Being out in two crowded gay bars last night watching Pose and then at a drag show tonight on Christopher Street? Hugging my friends and holding their hands as we try to move through the masses of drunken gays and now laughing at a drag queen being actually funny?

    I was overwhelmed with nerves… but being all vaccinated let this happen. Definitely had a lil cry about it all.
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  13. Posts like this truly warm my heart.

    After the isolation and pain we’ve all endured, over the past year, it’s truly heartwarming to know that life is really on the way back.
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  14. I was out last night too, at Boxers and the Eagle. So good to be back!
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  15. Had my second AZ yesterday and feel fine this morning. Blessed be the fruit!
  16. I'm already getting close to the "alright, so when's my second dose then EH?" phase and it hasn't even been three weeks.
  17. She’s double vaccinated.

  18. I'm so happy for you all! Must be an incredible feeling to finally be protected against this whole thing and know you can do your bit to support others as well.
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  20. Second dose yesterday and no pain in the last 24 hours whatsoever.

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