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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Friday is my 2 week's since being vaccinated. Next week I have my place to myself all week.
    ... This was meant to be.
    I will probably end up just staying in, hanging out by myself. But THE POSSIBILITIES.
  2. MB


    First time since the start of the pandemic that the UK have reported 0 deaths. I know it's a bank holiday but we've had a few of them and non have come back with zero.
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  3. I'm just so excited that at least where I am we get to have a "normal" summer. A year ago, I never thought this is where we would be right now.
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  4. Extremely sad that a country that did everything right a year ago is in this position now because of the ill-preparedness and economic greed of wealthy countries.
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  5. Well, fuck.
  6. I'm hopeful they'll be able to reverse the surge since there's thorough testing and a lockdown in place.
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  7. Possibly. They know exactly what they're doing and now they know why the sudden burst of cases has arrived they can adjust accordingly.

    But it will seep out. It probably has, given the spike in Thailand.

    The numbers are grim. Vietnam has a total of 7600 cases. 3250 in the past two weeks.Thailand 160.000 / 50.000
    I'm not trying to bring everyone down or spread doom and gloom, but I'm frightened.
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  8. I still feel things have opened up too fast for travel and large social gatherings.
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  9. It’s probably already in the UK and US. Another year of lockdown?!?

    I can’t do this another YEAR!
  10. I’ve been absolutely floored once again by the Pfizer vaccine.

    I got it at 10:45am yesterday and was totally fine until 9:30pm when I was hit with all the same symptoms as the first one.

    Hot, cold , shivery , achey and feeling sick. I actually thought at one point last night I was hallucinating as well.

    I’m absolutely thrilled to have it don’t get me wrong but thank god that’s it done and out of the way.
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  11. Vaccines have been effective against the UK and India variants. I'd expect the trend in the UK and US to continue as it has, but we should definitely expect regionalized outbreaks like this for the next while. I'm also expecting a semi-rough winter, especially as many will need booster vaccines toward the end of the year.
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  12. Scotland is already at the start of a third wave according to our National Clinical Director. Hopefully with mass vaccinations and nearly 50% of the adult population fully vaccinated here and that number increasing every day, it will be a small wave with hospitalisations and deaths at a low number.
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  13. Just got my letter for my first Covid vaccine appointment!


    15th June. The Anniversary Of Xtinas ‘Liberation’. Holy SpiriTina is watching over me!
  14. I'm worried now, I can't find my passport and I have no other ID available, I have my Blue Badge but it doesn't have my full date of birth on it, I have my Heath and Care number, but can't find my bus pass either as I've lost my other wallet that had it in it, what can I do? ID is required for your COVID-19 vaccine here in Northern Ireland and my vaccine is tomorrow.
  15. Had my first pfizer vaccine! Was part of a very long queue to get in but I couldn’t complain as the weather is glorious and the vaccination centre was a building in the park.

    Have no fears of needles, just hope I have no side effects in the coming days. Glad I got it though.
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  16. Is it pretty common in the UK to only be getting your first shot now? I haven't done a great job at staying in touch with my friends over there and most of my family works in medicine. Looking at the numbers the UK seems on par with the US, but everyone I know here is fully vaccinated and I'm hearing of lots of Brits only just getting their first shot.
  17. I think I read today that 75% of British adults have had their first vaccine now, so it could be that you know younger people who predominantly haven’t been getting it. They have been pretty strict with age categories until now.
  18. It literally seems like a race between vaccines and the India/Delta variant in the UK now. Saw some Twitter threads earlier implying the Delta variant is up to 70% more transmissible than the Kent variant, which already is a lot more transmissible than the "original" virus variant. If that's true then yelp.
  19. I’m not too sure to be honest. I’m 28 and majority of my friends are mid-late 20’s and the only ones who’ve had it are frontline workers.
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  20. About when would you say most people in their 20s-30s got their vaccine in the UK?

    I also live in a very liberal part of America...I think the numbers in the states are a bit skewed as yes only 40% of the population are vaccinated, but my guess is liberal/larger cities are much higher in numbers than rural (red) areas.

    Wow, interesting. I'm in my early 20s and got my first shot in January. It's kind of mad to think people expect clubs to be open in a mere two-three weeks if most young people have only had one shot.
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