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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Basically, only now really. I'm under 30 and had mine a while ago because of pre-existing conditions, but this past week I've seen a few places say "anyone of any age come get it". Before that it was 30+, and medically it does make sense, the older you get the more serious it becomes if you contract it.
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  2. I got a text at 3pm today with my vaccine appointment. Genuinely thought I misread it when I looked down and saw it was this evening! From not having an appointment to being Moderna’d in 3hrs. Pure elation.
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  3. This is a large part of what's bugged me about the loosening of mask guidelines issued by the CDC a few weeks ago. Simple math says that if vaccines opened to the broad population in mid-April-ish, not many young people are fully vaccinated yet. The math doesn't add up.
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  4. In the states at least, a lot of young people work "essential jobs" like waiting tables, working retail, Uber driver etc. Most young people I know got it that way rather than the age gaps.
  5. Yeah, I do realize that's a possibility. Though retail and grocery workers' access to vaccines really varied by state in the thick of the rush to find vaccines. Depressingly, grocery workers did not get prioritized the way they should have once the vaccine rollout came around.
  6. The reason America has vaccinated pretty much every single person who wants it is because since day 1, America has hoarded its vaccines and banned companies like Pfizer from exporting any vaccines anywhere. That’s why you got vaccinated so early. America is only just starting to export vaccines now.

    The UK is also further ahead than most, due to contracts with vaccine companies having ‘UK-first’ clauses and again banning exports.

    I’m in Ireland and we’ve only just started vaccinating 40+, but I still feel luckier than the majority of the world, who are way, way behind in vaccinations.

    If you’re already vaccinated, you’re extremely lucky in the grand scheme of things.

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  7. Hmm. State to state I guess. In my state grocery workers were vaccinated before restaurant workers, who I honestly think were at higher risk with indoor dining allowed, customer interaction without masks, no testing (whereas my local grocery store tested employees daily and gave them proof of testing stickers). It was a bit of a mess all around.

    Thanks for sharing that map, that puts things into perspective. I wasn't trying to be ignorant, I was just genuinely curious what was considered normal in other places from a human perspective as some of the numbers don't seem to correlate with what's happening.

    I will clarify though, most people my age got vaccinated months later than myself, I was very lucky with a random incident allowing me to get one almost immediately. Still, it's strange to think other countries are a few months behind considering how poorly the Trump admin handled the pandemic last year.
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  8. If im right, the period between jabs is also less in America than the UK. Ours was 12 weeks compared to around a month I believe?
    I'm sure that's what my friend from Erie? PA said but I could be wrong.
  9. That varies from vaccine to vaccine, AstraZeneca has a much longer interval than the BionTech/Pfizer or Moderna ones. But of course, since the US didn't use AstraZeneca but still hoarded them for months overall they had shorter intervals than countries that did use AstraZeneca.
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  10. In the Netherlands they stopped giving Janssen because it has about the same risks as AstraZeneca... So it's gonna take even longer!

  11. Honestly I’m so tired of the fear mongering from the media every time a new variant is detected. A few months ago it was the Brazilian and South African variant which were on the front pages, last month it was the Indian variant and now the alleged Nepalese variant. I get the concern about variants but I wish they were treated in a calmer more measured manner.
  12. Mine on is the anniversary of Bionic, dd.
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  13. Got my first vaccine and it went well, surprised they took me so early as my appointment wasn’t until 4pm.

  14. Three weeks after going onto the green list. This summer seems to be going the same way as last year. Honestly just shut down all international travel until this country feels like vaccination levels are sufficient to open it up again. This relentless flip-flopping is just causing complete mayhem.
  15. Definitely think the appointment times are just to stop too many people turning up at once. You could probably turn up at anytime during the day of your appointment and they’d let you in.
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  16. MB


    Just posting this about the UK seen as everything else today seems doom mongering and I need some kind of shining light
  17. I wonder when the U.K. is going to hit herd immunity? With our cases going up a fair bit again it’s kind of the opposite of what I expected to happen.
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  18. All these Dutch sports people being applauded for not taking vaccines because “it is their body and choice” then complaining about the consequences... yuck! Please take other people’s health in concern too!
    At least a footballer got dragged for not taking it when he could, the only moment regarding European Championships.
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  19. You can’t shrug people off for “doom mongering” when a report was released by Public Health England which shows that being infected with delta variant increases your chances of being hospitalised, there’s a chance that we could see a big spike in hospitalisations in the next 28 days and that it’s fuelling what is effectively a third wave.

    However, the good news is that the vaccines are protecting people and that there’s only a tiny percentage of people being hospitalised who are vaccinated with two doses.

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  20. Yes, I’m getting fed up of people claiming doom mongering. It’s not doom mongering. It’s looking at the data and being realistic of the situation. If our government did this when we’d be in much better shape.

    I had my first dose today. I was surprised how quick it was. My arm is a bit sore and a little tired but nothing more than that.
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