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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Double post but I finally have my vaccine! So so happy. Second dose booked in for start of August as well!
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  2. Obviously I know this was very serious in China for months prior...but considering the first confirmed community spread in the US was just a mere 10 minutes from my house, laughing at this. I always was afraid it was the end of the world, but I can't imagine knowing that it would be a full year and a half before I *maybe* returned to the office (at a whole new company).

    I just remember all my friends in London told me I was crazy for freaking out, yet we had no toiletries, bread, canned goods, milk or eggs while they continued clubbing, gyms, etc as normal.
  3. I was still taking planes in March 2020. The last flight I took was from Stockholm to London on March 14th 2020, and it had maybe 20 people on it. I was chatting to one of the cabin crew when I was waiting for the loo and she was like "oh I wish they'd stop talking about it, I'll end up out of a job". We didn't know anything about what was to come!
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  4. My last flight was February 2020 to London and at check-in they asked me if I had been to China lately and I just thought lol no. Mess.
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  5. Got my first dose this morning. Yay! Call me Michelle Pfizer!

    The whole process was really well organised. I just didn’t appreciate this one woman constantly taking photos on her phone of the queue outside, then once she was waiting she took a photo of the screen with everyone’s names (hello, GDPR?!) and then took more photos in the 15 min waiting area post vaccine.

    I feel a bit groggy but that’s probably because I had to wake up early. Otherwise, feeling good and can’t wait to for second dose in August.
  6. That’s good, although I don’t like that woman who kept taking photos when she is invading people’s personal space and not to mention giving away their info too, I only took a picture of my Vaccine card at the Vaccination Centre, that was it.
  7. I got my first dose today. Barely felt a thing. So happy, couldn’t nitpick to find anything to complain about on such a great day!
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  8. Yeah I was super annoyed and shielded my face whenever she took snaps as she kept doing it in my direction. Thankfully other people were also clearly miffed at her disregard for anyone’s privacy! But alas, I’m super lucky to at least have my first dose!
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  9. Seeing as cases are starting to rise in London (understandably with the weather and things opening up) should we be worried about progress slowing down or will we be okay because of the vaccine rollout? I’m seeing a mixture of things and I don’t want to get my hopes up too soon.
  10. It seems the government are keeping a close eye on whether hospitalisations start creeping up as well, we should know more in a week if not earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final “unlocking” due on the 21st is pushed back a few weeks while more people get vaccinated.
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    Matt Hancock said this morning it could possibly be 5th July to allow time for more vaccines to be delivered. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was later. I really feel for my friends and anyone working in the travel/ entertainment industries (and others!)
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  12. Yeah I was thinking if cases are going up but hospitalisations are still relatively low it means the vaccines are obviously doing their job and it should be okay? But I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a push back.
  13. One thing I didnt expect was to see was Patsy Palmer coming out as an antivaxxer, going by her rant on Instagram today.

    One thing for sure, this pandemic has brought out the absolute worst in people.
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  14. My arm is definitely getting sore!
  15. I get my first vaccine this week which I should be happy about as I've been banging on about it all year but for whatever reason I'm a little wary now. I'm 34, will I definitely not be getting the AZ one?
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  16. Janine > Bianca
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    You shouldn’t. The idea is that under 40’s won’t be offered it if there’s another vaccine available.
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  19. I really hope it goes to Over 30s asap. The cruise industry is slowly coming back and as soon as I am double dosed I'll be able to get back to work!
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    Maybe give it a try and see if it lets you? I've heard of a few that have managed to rebook.
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