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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. ...dancing to Tom Brennan?!!
  2. Just managed to do this too! Wig indeed. It also seems first jab bookings are now unofficially open for 23+ (the site still says 25+ and probably won't be updated until tomorrow).
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  3. My job? Travel Insurance.

    Are the holidays English people booked for Weddings and trips abroad when they though ‘Freedom day’ was imminent covered? Not a penny.

    Outlook for the rest of my week?

  4. Just rebooked mine for around the same time frame, thank you for letting everyone know!
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  5. Question for those that already had theirs.

    Do you need to take ID with you to the appointment?
  6. No (in London anyway) just say your name at the front for the register and they tick you off.
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  7. What @smellycat said but it's also good to know the GP you're registered with as well, as there was some issue with mine and they had to double check. Make sure you have your booking confirmation either on your phone or as a print out too.
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  8. Thanks guys. Tommorows my first dose!!!
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  9. You’re a REAL ONE! managed to move my second dose up from the 22nd August to the 2nd of August. That means by my birthday the second dose would have kicked in and I will be FREEEEE!!!!!
  10. Maybe I've been stuck inside for too long, but this "Freedom Day" (dd) postponement does strangely echo when Sugababes 4.0 pushed "Freedom"'s release back by three weeks due to zero radio/TV interest (before throwing it out as a free "thank you" download to avoid embarrassment).
  11. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Today I joined the Moderna coven.
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  12. Scream! I love this forum.
  13. When people say they’re “fully vaccinated” are they assuming it’s a one and done deal? (Or should I say two and done ddd.)

    Do we even have the data to back that up this early in the vaccine rollout?
  14. One of my colleagues complaining of a headache, sore throat and runny nose (the most commonly reported symptoms of covid now) and my boss saying 'oh it's just a cold'.

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  15. SBK


    In the press conference yesterday Boris answered a question about boosters, basically saying they'd be rolling them out from Autumn.

    I don't think they really know. I'd expect they're checking the people who were vaccinated early to see how immune they currently are - but I imagine we'll all be going back for a yearly booster from 2022
  16. SBK


    We need to normalise not being at work when we're sick, no matter what it is.

    Is it true that the Delta variant has similar symptoms to Hayfever/Common Cold? I've not seen it confirmed anywhere.

    I thought that was mostly right-wingers trying to convince people of that so that they could get their freedom day.
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  17. It's the same as with opposition to UBI and extended welfare. People assume the worst. They'll tell you they'd never abuse the system, but assume everyone else is out to get something for nothing. It pisses me off, the government needs to step in and ensure we all have paid sick days, no questions asked.

    I'm sure some companies must have a similar rule, so we surely have data on if it leads to lowered productivity?

    Anyway, on a similar note, and as I've been telling everyone, the financial hit from the pandemic has been bad, but I think we can all agree it's not been a disaster? There seems to be no doubt that the economy will recover pretty quickly.

    So bear that in mind and then consider that the amount of money the government has spent tackling the pandemic could bring the whole country a full UBI for five years. Imagine the financial hit of the past year but without any loss of jobs, the economy would flourish as soon as we're open.

    There's no reason we can't be running a UBI test scheme on a couple million people in this country RIGHT NOW.

    And we need it to be right now, because we're gonna want a good decade of data before we start rolling it out widely. I just can't stress how much we need to select a few regions and give them a UBI literally right fucking now.

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  18. The BBC reported that those symptoms were the most commonly reported on most recent data and that it was an issue as these symptoms are similar to that of colds/hay fever.
  19. I saw this and it helped to perk me up so wanted to share.

  20. Perhaps it is slightly misguided of me, but I'm feeling relatively optimistic about things. Much as I am dismayed that, once again, the mishandling of what did/didn't happen with flights and quarantining a few weeks ago has resulted in where we're at, the growth in case numbers tentatively does appear to be slowing a bit - I think another week or so will give us more clarity on that.

    One of the primary differences we're seeing with this particular variant, I believe, is the big jump in protection from first to second dose - hence why it has picked up steam in the past few weeks, as young people who haven't been vaccinated yet/have only had one dose are resulting in the vast majority of cases. Promisingly, this does not appear to be translating nearly as much to serious illness/deaths - again, still a bit of time required to see, but cases have been picking up for around a month now, so even accounting for a delay, it's looking good. The wall of nearly 30 million who have been double vaccinated is definitely doing its job, and even those who have been hospitalised appear to be spending less time in hospital, which makes sense.

    Also, I'm getting dose 1 today!
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