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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I think it's the principles more so than anything. They promised "15 million jabs to freedom", yet 70 million jabs later and we're still being pushed back. Cases are going up, but hospitalisations are down and the most vulnerable members of the population have had both injections. All of this is just frustrating and further exemplifies the sheer ineptitude of the British government in dealing with...anything in an appropriate manner. Not all of the anger towards "freedom day" (bleurgh) is warranted, but the annoyance people have isn't completely unjustified.
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  2. Am I a dick for having basically zero sympathy for all the people complaining they're losing out on wedding deposits and stuff?

    Like, I get this government is bad at communicating, but in this case they were always clear it was a "not before" June 21st and that any change to circumstances would delay that. If you then scheduled your wedding in for the end of June... I mean, what were you thinking? Did you really think that was a sure bet and not a knife-edge risk?

    Generally I place a lot of the blame for people being misinformed on the media for literally never doing their job properly but in this case it just seems like it was obvious this was going to happen?
  3. I think "most" people engage far less with current affairs than people like us do. A lot of people who don't read the press and maybe put on GMB or BBC Breakfast in the morning for news and stuff are probably pretty surprised and disappointed by todays news. Of course if you ever read a newspaper or had any knowledge of this government's internal machinations then yes, you are correct.
  4. Had my first dose of Pfizer about an hour ago and I'm feeling fine so far. My history of health anxiety reared it's head last night and, while I know I'm not out of the woods re side effects yet, it feels so good to have had it and not had an allergic reaction (unlikely I know but my anxieties don't take that into account!)

    I also have suspected Long Covid so it'll be interesting to see how that affects any side effects.
  5. The other week I was in central london when there was a lockdown protest happening. The whole thing was so dumb because if we were in a lockdown then you wouldn’t even be able to fucking protest?!

    I asked one of them what exactly were they marching for and he said to end the lockdown. I told him the lockdown is basically over and then he said the protest was about wearing masks. Like sis, pick a fucking reason??? So so dumb.
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  6. I mean, I get what you’re saying, but there are still huge waves of the population whose livelihoods are being continuously shattered, each day that goes by. There are still thousands of people who haven’t been able to see their loved ones properly - in over a year. There are major industries that are still being devastated.

    Like I said, I’m not disagreeing with what you’re saying, and whilst yes, a lot of normality has returned - a lot of it still has not and that aspect is still devastating to millions of people.
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  7. if the wedding was pushed back to June originally from last year for example then yes, but if they actively planned it around the information from earlier this year regarding restrictions and 21st June hence, then no I'd agree with you.
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  8. But ‘15 million jabs to freedom’ being some undelivered promise implies that a) our ~freedoms are somehow heavily curtailed at the moment, one step before we have literally no restrictions, and b) arbitrary targets should be some magic key to unlocking regardless of evidence.

    Yes, hospitalisations haven’t yet followed the same trajectory as cases, but the numbers are still relatively small. The case graphs are showing exponential increase, and if vaccines do break the link between these, hospitalisations and deaths, it seems to me the fair thing to do to give another 4 weeks to administer more doses.
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  9. I think the key thing being missed here is that many of these weddings would have been arranged before there even was a pandemic. Not at all uncommon for venues to be booked two years (or even longer) in advance.
  10. I should make it clear that I absolutely sympathise with those who haven’t seen family, work in industries hit hard by the pandemic, and yeah… people who just want to get married with friends and family around them. It’s been tough and it must be so disappointing.

    My problem is with the alt-right bullshit suggesting we’re being controlled by an authoritarian government, which has permeated the everyday discourse. Boris don’t even have the range.
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  11. It honestly feels like this will never end at this point.
  12. I wasn't aware I was missing any point. I'm aware of how far wedding's are planned in advance and that's why I said if it was a last minute arrangement on the basis 'we will be out lockdown' then no thats not being a dick but for those who have booked a year or longer in advance (as per your message, pre pandemic) then yes they are being a dick
  13. SBK


    The thing is, a lot of people are doing "normal" stuff anyway. People are eating out, going to the pub, meeting in the parks.

    Okay venues may not be at full capacity, and nightclubs are still shut, but what are people missing out on that they desperately need back on 21st June?
  14. MB


    Gigs? Theatre shows? That’s all I’m missing anyway. (Saying that I’ve got nothing scheduled till the end of august now anyway!)
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  15. SBK


    I'm not sure flag wanker for freedom day twitter were falling over themselves for an Andrew Lloyd Webber matinée on Monday.
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  16. For any UKunties in their 30s, I just managed to cancel and rebook my second jab from 12 weeks to 8 weeks on the NHS site and I presume it's the same for everyone so.. wig.
  17. Beer Garden... but inside!
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  18. SBK


    But they can drink inside already.
  19. ...dancing to Tom Brennan?!!
  20. Just managed to do this too! Wig indeed. It also seems first jab bookings are now unofficially open for 23+ (the site still says 25+ and probably won't be updated until tomorrow).
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