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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Plus, it's impossible to compare countries like-for-like.

    America is in a great place now due to hoarding vaccines and refusing to export to countries in need, but even before vaccine approval, Trump and pretty much all of the Republican controlled states in the US had decided personal freedoms and opening businesses were much more important than Covid restrictions and saving lives. It's part of the reason why the US death toll has been so high. I think even if variants get worse, I can't see the US going back into lockdown, because half of the states will refuse to.

    Whereas most other countries, particularly in Europe, were pretty quick to go back into lockdown when they felt it was necessary (and obviously didn't have the same access to vaccines as the US).
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  2. Just got my first dose and the fire alarm in the hydro went off literally seconds after the nurse took the needle out of my arm ddd.
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  4. It's really interesting to see how different countries (and in my case, states) are dealing with it all - fear mongering vs. positive reinforcement (like the lotteries and free food)...

    It feels wrong for parts of the world to be fully open when others are not - if there were ever a time for the world to unite, it would be now. But of course, money and politics trump all...
  5. I have a UTI at the moment and I'm vomiting, temp is sky high, the works. Doctor made me go and do a drive through COVID-19 test because there is a surge in the area. Fingers crossed it's not that after a double vaccination.
  6. Well considering how US cases are now overwhelmingly relegated to the unvaccinated, it's pretty much necessary to remove most restrictions. We can't be held hostage by anti-vaxxers indefinitely.

    Maybe "necessary" isn't the right word, but I do hope y'all get what I'm saying.
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  7. I had my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine on the 1st of June and ever since I’ve been having frequent and heavy nose bleeds.

    In the 15 days since the vaccine I would say I’ve had about 10 nose bleeds.

    I don’t know for sure if it is related but it would be quite unlikely to have that many normally.

    I have called my GP but first appointment I can get is June 30th. I have to keep a record of how many I have from now until the appointment.
  8. I hate to think it, but my mentality is "at this point, if you are still denying the science behind vaccines and refusing to get the jab, then you've made your own bed".
  9. Well, and the really shitty part is that there are of course people who can't be vaccinated for legitimate reasons--allergies, immunodeficiency conditions, etc. I don't really have a perfectly flawless solution for them.

    Basically, I am so tired of cruelty and ignorance.
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  10. I’m seconds away from my second Pfizer!
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  11. So jealous of everyone getting their Vaccine. It was just announced that Australia is running out of Pfizer and AstraZenaca will be restricted to those above 60.

    Federal government needs to get it together.
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  12. UK people who are scared to cancel their second vaccine to bring it forward incase there’s no free slots, they’ve launched an availability tracker:

  13. Had a lovely birthday dinner last night and woke up to this message. Sigh...
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  14. Maine now has a "Vacationland" lottery for vaccinations. The winner gets $1 for every Mainer that has at least one vaccine jab by July 4th (the drawing) and right now it's $861,000 (which is like 80-85% of our entire population, so go us!). I've entered.
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  15. I get my second shot of Pfizer this evening! Very excited but also nervous as I felt pretty lousy after the first one and I need to teach tomorrow.
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  16. Awesome! Thanks for this - I just brought my second appointment brought forward by 20 days!
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  17. I had mine last night, I felt a little bit of post-cold wooziness this morning but it’s pretty much all already gone at the 24 hour mark. I made sure to drink plenty of water and have some maintenance acetaminophen after reading comments on here, so that may have helped.
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  18. Everyone in my house is fully vaccinated. Expect the cretinous toad I call a brother who has just had his first.
    He suffered with side effects and as mean as it sounds, I loved every second of his suffering. karma for putting us at risk with his flaunting of rules and his general toxic attitudes.
    mainly happy for my mum who works in a library which is now open again
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  19. K94


    For the London gyals

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  20. How were you after the first?
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