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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Mostly some tiredness.
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  2. Lapras used the Second Pfizer this morning! Hopefully it’s super effective.
  3. Pseudo Legendary status confirmed.
  4. I got my first Phizer vaccine yesterday and I am completely and utterly knackered today.
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  5. Woo hoo! After feeling like GARBAGE after my first pfizer dose, I was expecting to feel terrible today after getting my second, but outside of a sore arm I feel great. What a relief.
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  6. Haha. Love this!

    Raichu was hoping a side-effect of his vaccination would be that people would finally start paying attention to him instead of Pickachu but no dice so far.
  7. Not a white girl getting asked to sit at the back of a roller coaster because she wouldn't wear a mask, being compared to the US Civil Rights Movements of the 50's...

    The maskless gonna protest for their rights to sit at the front of Oblivion next week.

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  8. She's vaccinated.
  9. Got my first dose of Pfizer today! Then for the first two hours I had goosebumps localised entirely in my vaccine arm...... ok.

    Other than that and a sore arm, feeling pretty good so far! Don't know whether that's a sign I'm fine or if side effects will hit me tomorrow... We'll find out!
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  10. I had my first Pfizer jab on Tuesday. I was sad I didn't get one of the little vaccine cards like the English got.
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  11. We had the police come to the pub I live at this morning. They gave my boyfriend posters about the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign to put up around the pub because, and I quote, “we’re expecting a spike in date rapes because these men haven’t been with women in a while because of the Covid lockdown and mixed with the football on at the moment they’re going to be expecting to make up for lost time”

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  12. “make up for lost time”

    That actually gave me shivers. How disgusting!!
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  13. I know! My boyfriend and I have felt so unsettled all day.
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  14. I basically stopped reading this thread for anxiety reasons nn but

    Today I got my first Pfizer jab and I felt like a weight was lifted from my chest. I've been thinking all day about how my life completely changed since March 2020 and all the months of uncertainty and anxiety I had between my return to Italy and now. I think I shed a couple of tears. Gonna have my second jab in five weeks and then I will finally move to Barcelona in September and pretty much start a new life from scratch. Very happy, something I rarely am.
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  15. I just had my first dose of Pfizer. My parents are massive anti-vaxxers and I must admit that after listening to months of horror stories from my father I started to develop my own concerns (I know there’s likely no correlation but someone close in my immediate family who is young and has always been healthy is now getting diagnosed for cancer four weeks after their second dose of AZ). Regardless, I am choosing to put my faith in science and trust it.
  16. I'm a moderna boy living in a moderna world now. The vaccine rollout in Germany has been woefully mishandled. As a store manager of a food grocery chain I should have been prioritized yet the first week of June they opened the floodgates for everybody to get their vaccine, regardless of age or occupation. Had I not fought tooth and nail for it I would have had my first appointment mid July.

    I'm happy I got my first dose now and will be fully vaxxed come August.
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  17. Moved my 2nd appointment up by 3 weeks to the 26th July!
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  18. MB


    This is a pretty astonishing figure
    "More than a million coronavirus jabs were booked on Friday and Saturday in England after vaccinations opened to all over-18s. A total of 1,008,472 appointments were arranged through the booking service, NHS England said - an average of more than 21,000 every hour, or six every second."
  19. This is horrific.
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  20. jtm


    Someone in the office had flu-like symptoms after their second shot and now they spend the whole day warning everyone about the vaccines and how it‘s crazy that this is allowed to continue. This is on top of another office person now being full-blown QAnon and saying things like „I‘m not a Nazi, but…“. Where is HR when we need it..
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