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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Managed to bring mine closer too. Thanks for the heads up!
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  2. MB


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  3. In Switzerland they have now announced if you have the second jab it works for 12 instead of 6 months. Hope more countries do the same.
  4. The amount of people that don’t know how to wear a damn mask properly and walk around with it covering their mouth but not their nose.

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  5. Just to add to this, last Wednesday, we were looking at a 66.0% growth rate in the UK. Under a week later, that's now at 38.8% - hopefully, we can start to crest this mini wave within the next fortnight or so.
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    Thanks for these positive updates! Really helps to understand what's going on as it's easy to look at the fact the cases are going up but not understanding the detail.
  7. Officially a Pfizer girl. The absolute TALENT coursing through my veins right now. Yas!

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    jealous of NY!
  9. Did the US just hoard vaccine supplies or something? Because I was ignorantly unaware of how much slower vaccine rollouts are in other countries. I’m 25 with no pre-existing conditions and I had my first dose back in early March.
  10. Yes.
  11. I am in NYC and it will be interesting to see how things change - pretty much everyone is still wearing masks in grocery stores and other indoor situations for sure. I have a haircut next week so I guess I can not wear a mask?? Though I may still so that the hair doesn't get all over half of my face, haha...

    I'm glad we're still wearing masks on the subway/public transportation though as it definitely gets claustrophobic in there!
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  12. Fair.
  13. It really really isn't.
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    I see Cali has followed suit..

    I presume they mean 40 million fully vaccinated? How many people are in California total?
  15. According to LA Times, as of Tuesday:

    56.5% of California residents have received at least one dose, while 47.5% are fully vaccinated.

    Not quite the 70% one would hope for.
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  16. It’s so weird seeing other parts of the world just open up and operate like normal while we’ve been pushed back 4 weeks and places like India and Pakistan and still suffering through their third wave.

    It was always going to be this way because money talks, but I just find it really unfair, which in itself is a huge understatement.
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  17. It’s been strange watching the delayed Euro 2020 in different countries - smattering of fans in some, a full 60k in Hungary - just shows the varied status we have just here in Europe…
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  18. SBK


    I think I will wear masks on transport in the winter when restrictions are lifted. I think I can trace all my cold and flus back to London's busses and tube network.

    Well, it'll be interesting to see what happens in America, because there is a lot of anti-vaxers and government mistrust so I'd imagine cases will rise now they are lifting restrictions, have they vaccinated enough to avoid it? Not convinced.
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  19. Plus, it's impossible to compare countries like-for-like.

    America is in a great place now due to hoarding vaccines and refusing to export to countries in need, but even before vaccine approval, Trump and pretty much all of the Republican controlled states in the US had decided personal freedoms and opening businesses were much more important than Covid restrictions and saving lives. It's part of the reason why the US death toll has been so high. I think even if variants get worse, I can't see the US going back into lockdown, because half of the states will refuse to.

    Whereas most other countries, particularly in Europe, were pretty quick to go back into lockdown when they felt it was necessary (and obviously didn't have the same access to vaccines as the US).
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  20. Just got my first dose and the fire alarm in the hydro went off literally seconds after the nurse took the needle out of my arm ddd.
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