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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. The delta variant has reached the town I live in. Uh oh.
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  2. A Malaysian news website posted this today, showing that we've been in various different lockdowns (Movement Control Orders) for 464 days now. I am so tired.

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  3. Are people not told about the two week thing when they get the vaccine? I was told this both times by the nurse and then again by the woman at the exit of my surgery handing out information leaflets, which also told me about the two weeks.

    Had a dream last night about going shopping without a mask. It felt so odd and a more surreal dream than my usual ones of being married to Jack Quaid and having dinner with him and Meg Ryan waiting for her to fake an orgasm.
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  4. Second Pfizer dose done and dusted. So relieved!
  5. This is a cool little video.
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  6. THE LITTLE BUTTS lhsadjfaslkjfalkjdsfhsdf
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  7. Why did I feel so sad when the vaccine blob had to sacrifice himself and die with a tear in his eye. A Martyr...

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  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought it was expected that fully vaccinated people can still get the virus, albeit with lessened symptoms and a significantly higher recovery rate? I'm getting my second dose sometime in July but I heard that we might need booster shots every year like the flu vaccine also.

    That article doesn't surprise me (if I have correct info) and I really don't like the way its written.
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  10. Correct. The vaccines were designed to reduce how ill you get and lower the risk of you dying if you ever caught it. However there was a study conducted in the U.K. shows that you have a higher chance of catching covid if you’re fully vaccinated 21 days after your second dose with this decreasing after.

    In regards to people catching the delta plus variant in Israel there’s a lot of unknowns that they aren’t telling us such as how long ago these people received their second dose etc. Also Israel is going to see a massive rise in cases because only 50% of their population is fully vaccinated which is why I’m guessing the WHO is recommending that people in Israel wear face coverings again because there’s a massive amount of the population who still aren’t vaccinated.
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  11. Yeah, that's what I thought. Nothing in that Huffpost article is new and I'm annoyed at fear-mongering headlines like "DANGEROUS variant" coming out after all the good news we've had in the past couple of months. Of course the variant is still concerning but there's so much misinformation (read: misleading or exaggerated) being spread about it and I'm exhausted. We're so close to being out of this.
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  12. We're still very far away from being out of this. Right now, all we have is individual protection at best.

    Hungary is planning to drop all mask-wearing rules and (except for mass events) limitations for those who don't have a vaccination card in a couple of days, when approximately 55% of the population will have been vaccinated. I can't see the number of vaccinations going up anymore; you can't imagine how sceptical people are regarding vaccines. Those under 18 are now also eligible for the jab, but this information is not advertised at all, meaning that by September, there will be huge differences in the number of students vaccinated in schools (as our education system is incredibly elitist).

    And this is just a European country which was once lauded for its quick vaccination campaign. Third-world countries still haven't had the chance to start mass vaccination campaigns and won't be able to do this for years, making way for new variants of concern.
  13. Whew got my second Pfizer dose.
  14. I managed to get my 2nd Pfizer this week around a month after my first at a walk in but whew I was not expecting it to knock me off my feet this much! The day after I was so ill, pretty much bed bound all day and even now on my 3rd day after I’m still more tired and achy than normal. I’m also taking antibiotics at the moment for a skin problem which is making me feel quite sickly so I just feel like a big mess.

    Still worth it though! Feel like I’m going to feel way less anxious now if they actually do drop the mask requirement July 19th.
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  15. It really seems like a lot of people either don’t know or haven’t been informed that once you get your jab, it takes 2-3 weeks to really kick in.

    Four people I know got their second jab last weekend. They all went out to celebrate being double vaxxed and whatever. Cut to this week and 3 out of 4 of them now have Covid and have been isolating. One of the trio has lost their sense of taste.

    It’s a real wake up call that we have to still be safe even when we’re fully vaxxed.
  16. Is anyone else getting a bit anxious about the rise in cases?

    I'm trying not to think about it but seeing that we're nearing 20,000 again makes me uneasy. I'm hoping we're just following what happened in the US, another slight increase before decreasing again.
  17. Getting my second (AZ) dose on 11 July. Making big plans for early August onwards!
  18. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty anxious about it too. I’m meant to go to the office and the dentist next week but I’ll only be a week out since my second jab, so I might postpone both if I can…
  19. As long as it's not a rise in deaths, then things are going okay. The vaccine works.
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