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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I really really don't want to jinx it, but things really start to be looking up on the vaccine front here in Ireland. We're currently doing around 55k vaccines a day and uptake so far is incredibly high. We've already overtaken the US in terms of percentage of adults fully vaccinated, which is crazy considering they completely raced ahead of us at the start.

    Our re-opening has been very cautious and a bit nonsensical at times however. It is crazy living on the border with NI, there definitely seems to be a major difference in attitudes towards Covid north of the border compared to the south.
  2. Might just be anecdotal evidence, but I feel like I've seen way more people getting breakthrough covid than those who got it before vax last year? Obviously the effects are not as dramatic since they're all double vaxxed but the spike in cases here is real. I genuinely wonder if this is how they hope we'd achieve herd immunity gradually.
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  3. Found out last night I have to do another 10 day isolation, 2 weeks after my last 10 days ended, and honestly it's exhausting. I don't mind being at home and understand why it needs to happen, but are repeated isolation periods going to be a reality for a lot of people in the UK until mid-August?
  4. SBK


    I wonder how long its going to take the world leaders to realise the only way out of this is if we get on the same page.

    As it stands some countries policy is to eradicate it completely, others is live with it, others deny its happening... until we realise we all need to go in the same direction it's never going to go away. That would be fine if we're all learning to ""live with it"" but it comes with the risk of it evolving into a deadlier variant.

    The UK seems to have gone from learning to live with it, to deny it since July 19th, with the media pretty much encouraging us to delete the track+trace app. This is fine from the point of view of ~the poor economy~ but how do you know you should be testing if you don't know you've been in contact with someone?
  5. Well I’m pinged
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  6. Data from Poland show that fully vaccinated people constituted just:

    - 1.8% of Covid deaths in June and July
    - 0.15% of Covid hospitalisations from Jan to May

    Unfortunately, vaccine take up has now plateaued and stalled at 47% with at least one dose.
  7. I came to conclusion that it is becoming far less likely for governments to take any strict measures to fight the new variants with vaccines being available. It’s probable that the vaccines we have are not as effective against the Delta variant, but it is affecting mainly the unvaccinated. Eradicating it is not realistic at this point, and I doubt they are going to implement social distancing or shut down businesses again, at least not here in the US.
  8. "Are they making you wear that?"
    "No, it's my choice as it always has been"
    "Oh, so you're Great Britain then?"
    "Mmm I wouldn't say that."
    "I wouldn't either!"

    We spent last year getting shouted at for not wearing a mask, and now they're starting on us for still wearing them.
    Fuck Off
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  9. Netherlands dark red and I patiently waited for my appointed vaccination slots so I can’t go anywhere for a holiday, ffs.
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  10. In a bit of good news the UK has just recorded its 5th day in a row of declining case numbers , down 42% on this time last week.
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  11. We cancelled our September holiday to Greece today. I think the stress of being tested whilst there and the prospect of it coming back positive then being confined to a hotel room would be too much of a gloomy cloud hanging over what's supposed to be a relaxing week.

    Gutted, but it's the sensible move. We're going to Cardiff instead.
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  12. We've done two staycations so far this year. Devon and North Yorkshire. Both were great - although extreme weather wise.
    Devon - wet and cold in June
    North Yorkshire - caught the heatwave from earlier in the month. It was a barmy 27 to 30 degrees each day! We packed lots of nice wooly sweaters which we didn't need and one pair of shorts each! We ended up buying more shorts when we were there!
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  13. We've been discovering greek islands this and last year too. It's great. Yeah I miss Berlin, London, Barcelona etc but they can wait I forgot my mittens.
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  14. I was meant to go see the United Kingdolls gig tonight here in London but sold my ticket at the last minute. I’m not ready yet to be in cramped spaces with only one dose in me.

    My boyfriend got his second dose yesterday and has woken up today with a fever and aches all over. We kinda expected as much. We were told by loads other people we know who also got Pfizer that the reaction to the second dose was a bit more than just an achey arm. But then again everyone reacts differently. I’ve got my second dose this time next week!
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  15. We’ll my anti-vaccine brother in law has covid. I obviously hope he doesn’t get too poorly but I do hope he has a rough couple of days after the insensitive and downright disturbing nonsense he’s been spouting the last year. It will be interesting to see if this changes his thought process going forward.
  16. I do, sorry.
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  17. I finally got my appointment for my first dose after I applied back in May, and then I just re-registered and they sent me a notification at midnight that my appointment is in two days. So they basically are bumping new registrations faster than old ones. MESS, anyhoo I'm glad I'm gonna be finally VAXXED.
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I personally have like 5 friends that have all had COVID and one of my clients had it three times. Like, people are still acting like all is fine when 4.2 million people have died. It's so wild seeing how other people perceive everything that's happened these last 18 months.
  19. A „friend“ of mine just posted on instagram #unvaccinatedlivesmatter

    I -
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