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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Is there a database of the number of breakthrough infections?
  2. I also think it's worth mentioning that of the 130M+ fully vaccinated people in the US, an extremely small amount are having symptomatic breakthrough cases. It definitely feels like more after seeing stories online but
  3. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    One of things I think we have to focus on when talking about unvaccinated people is access and privilege. Many POC do not have access to it because of structural concerns that are historically based - so when people go on tirades against people who aren't currently vaccinated, it's not because people don't want to be overall, it's because so many of those numbers are people that are in geographical areas that haven't prioritized it, or because other barriers exist. I think a lot of this rhetoric focuses on people being anti-vax, when so many people would love to be vaccinated, but our lovely little country~ hasn't made it easier, as it has historically, to certain groups, whether based on class, race, region, or social mobility.
  4. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    This seems a bit misleading as the CDC stopped tracking breakthrough cases unless they were hospitalizations?
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  5. Guess which dumb bitch thought their vaccine appointment was August 2nd at 8:30am only to realise it was scheduled for actually August 1st?!! My god I ran to the vaccine centre so fast and almost an hour late but thank God I got my second jab! PRAISE!!!
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  6. HmmT. That’s a good point. Though the figure splits hospitalizations and breakthrough cases so maybe it’s accurate.

    I’d also like to know how many of the like 100,000 new cases the other day (which is wild to me, by the way) were vaccinated vs unvaccinated.
  7. I'm beyond gutted because I was meant to get my second jab today and I can't obviously due to having COVID and now I'll have to wait 30 days before I can have it. I was really hoping to be double jabbed for Pride.
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  8. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I’ve seen replies (which, y'know, grain of salt, etc.) say it’s data accumulated from the select states that are monitoring breakthroughs and people who have volunteered their information to the CDC.

    I don’t mean to doom monger and obviously the difference between being hospitalized with it and not is literally priceless, but I am starting to worry that vaccinated individuals are more likely than we realize to be asymptomatic with it and spread it unknowingly. Obviously the vaccine is doing its job to keep even at-risk individuals from severe illness but reading the reports on delta this week (particularly that story out of Boston) has been a bit unnerving and made me feel like we’re right back to March 2020 again.

    Do we have the data on how severe it is for at-risk vaccinated people when they get infected?
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I would like to know more about breakthrough as well, you know since I am one haha. I think more focus needs to be done on how infectious we actually are. I shared a house with 5 other people, all fully vaccinated, two in my bedroom with absolutely zero restriction in Arizona. Looking back I was symptomatic all week but hey a hangover and a mild case can hide symptoms pretty well. We split ways Thursday morning and so far everyone has tested negative as of today. They’re doing one more round of testing later this week. No one has any symptoms either.

    My only guess is maybe we do need the boosters more than the CDC seems to let on? My vaccine was by far the oldest of the bunch. I got my first dose on dec 31 2020.

    Also no one from the health department has contacted me about this. I’d like to report it y’know.

    In other news I am feeling better. Mostly just congested. That’s it.
  10. kal


    So I went to a restaurant on Friday and I think I may have caught COVID… I was recently diagnosed with chronic pharyngitis, and yesterday I thought the pain in my throat was just because I talked too much the evening prior. But today I woke up feeling like I have a fever, with an even more sore throat, and quite congested. Body temperature was normal in the morning but I ran a fever in the afternoon that won’t go away. I did a LFT, and it came out negative, but I’m gonna get a PCR tomorrow just in case.

    Did I mention I’m fully vaccinated as well, and that I have avoided social gatherings for pretty much the entire pandemic? I fucking hate cruel irony.
  11. Was it an indoors restaurant?
  12. kal


    We were sat on an open terrace.
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  13. I am meant to be going to Mykonos in two weeks with a group of friends for someone's 30th - initially booked back in November 2019. Given the increase in cases over there, and the sheer amount it'll cost of testing, etc. I am shocked that my friends have yet to actually cancel the trip, instead saying "it'll be absolutely fine". My boyfriend and I have both said that we do not feel overly comfortable going abroad into a place which is amber, or soon to be "amber watch", nor do we have any desire to actually travel abroad. We are both double vaccinated compared to our peers, but which seemingly warrants my friends to say that "we will be absolutely fine".

    At this point, I think my boyfriend and I would be absolute fools to travel abroad for a mere 7 day getaway.
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  14. Customers at work keep asking me how long my employer are going to "force" me to continue to wear my mask, I even had one tell me to "just say I was exempt". I'm so exhausted from having to deal with these people every single day but thankfully I have a new job and won't be customer facing anymore.
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  15. Had my 2nd Pfizer vaccine on Friday evening and only had a sore arm for the weekend, feel quite lucky to have avoided most of the side effects!
  16. Covid seemingly keeps popping up for little encore performances.

    Despite it being over a month since that fucker tried it on, I'm still prone to sporadic coughing fits, that lumpy throat feeling, general cold-like feelings, and occasional breathlessness. I keep testing negative on the flow tests and feel capable, but these aftershocks are weird.
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  17. It's a tough call to make. I guess it just depends on what your plans are for over there.

    My partner and I have a holiday booked for Rhodes, due to go in a couple of weeks. Keeping an eye on increasing cases but we are still hoping to go unless Greece moves to Amber plus!

    We are not planning on going clubbing or anything like that, just lots of relaxing on the beach and lots of outdoor dining and drinking. We realise that there's an element of risk involved but we have always been sensible.

    Different strokes for different folks though and your mates should totally understand if you guys aren't up for it. It's completely understandable.
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  18. My partner has been double vaccinated since the spring and has been diagnosed with Covid after going to the hospital for what he thought was a reoccurring throat abscess.

    I would say moderately bad symptoms but he’s also got strep to boot.
  19. Does anyone know if in the UK you can get your second jab sooner than 8 weeks?

    I've had friends tells me they went to a pop up vaccine centre and got it a lot sooner, but when I went they told me no.

    Just wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that you can actually do this? I don't expect anyone to know exact locations but I live in Manchester.
  20. Think it depends on your GP. I know people who were called after 6 weeks.
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