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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. People not flushing is a thing though... In this time of transmissible diseases - Why???
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  2. People shitting on the plane floor is also a thing.

    Keep those nasty ass fetishes at home please.
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  3. My Mum is so positive with Covid - "I can't taste anything, so I've not really been eating, and I'm just losing weight."

    Bless her,
    Get jabbed Hens, I'd hate to think what I'd be writing if she wasn't.
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  4. A coworker of mine is an anti-vaxer. The fuck? A few women he knows had irregular periods after getting the first, second or both times after getting vaccinated. I mean?! That does happen often... So it is a side effect. And then? How to swipe away the benefits of it all just for that. I cannot!

    A first he only wanted to do “extra research” about “long term effects” but he told the same thing a month ago, now added the irregular periods and hasn’t done anything. So far, I doubt he’ll get it.

    It was an interesting conversation to say at least...
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  5. Send him this:

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  6. Is he…worried about his periods?
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  7. I went back to the office for the first time today, there’s about 10 of us spread across a floor that used to hold like 200 people. But actually, I much prefer it to being stuck in my flat by myself.

    It is a little weird to get used to though, almost completely empty floors, everything echos so much!
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  8. So we really had 260,000 new cases in the U.S. today. I guess we should brace ourselves for the next month.
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  9. We're probably a week off if not 2-3 days away from the highest single-day case count here throughout the entire pandemic. Horrifying.
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  10. Got the Rona, girls and have the symptoms (none too severe). I feel awful though. Been listening to Demi and Selena most of the time ddd
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  11. It’s kinda scary to think how bad the situation would be with the delta variant if we didn’t have as many people vaccinated as we do now.
  12. I was on a Teams call in work just now and a woman was like 'I have a sore throat and my son's sick but it's fine, it's just the change in the weather' and I was like....sis.

    It's mad to me how people don't want to face reality, probably cause they're just get tested, even for peace of mind! Otherwise you risk spreading it to others.
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  13. Right, the trend line for deaths in the US is still way down compared to Jan 2021, though it's a lagging indicator so that could still change.
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  14. Will be really interesting to see if more announcements/cancellations like this one happen in the next few months. Especially for big touring markets like the US/UK and even Canada.

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  15. Everyone in my workplace wants to move to hybrid working once the work from home mandate is dropped. 3 days in the office, 2 at home.

    One of my colleagues mentioned it and he had a fit. We apparently need to be in the office full time to do our jobs despite the the fact we’ve been working non-stop throughout the entire pandemic so far with no issues.

    He still has nothing in the office for social distancing. No Perspex screens, we’re all close together. He’s already had Covid so seems to think it will be fine if we all get jabbed and then catch it. No thanks.
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  16. Venn diagram of people who oppose hybrid working solutions and people who vote conservative is a circle change my mind
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  17. I was thinking this the other day but then started looking at some trend lines specifically for Southern states. They're not all bad, but this is Florida:

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  18. Don’t worry your taste will come back eventually x

    hope you’re okay x
  19. It’s really worse than I thought it would be, the most difficult part is swallowing food, which hurts like hell.

    And ddd I chose them specifically because I didn’t want to “sully” too much of my go-to music artists from this period by association. Honeymoon by Lana helped me fall asleep last night, though.
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