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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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    So after getting COVID during a Brazil trip in 2020 and being extremely aggressive toward anti-vaxxers lately, a friend travelled to Fire Island, Colombia, and Phoenix and is now positive with painful symptoms. Like, the pandemic wasn’t over. No one is exempt. I just don’t get why it’s not clicking for ppl.
  2. Restrictions are finally being lifted in Sweden by the end of September.

    I'm crying you guys.
  3. Wait people from the EU entering the UK still have to quarantine? What?
  4. Only if you aren't vaccinated. But everyone needs an Antigen test to board the flight and take a Day 2 PCR test. The whole thing is a government racket.
  5. A mess. I was gonna book a UK holiday but will wait a bit more now I guess.
  6. It also depends on which list the country you're entering is from.
    Basically if you're vaccinated it doesn't matter if you enter from a green or an amber country (someone correct me if I'm wrong).
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  7. The way the 2nd dose has taken me out... I knew about the side effects but was still not prepared for what feels like the world's worst hangover.
  8. I know this is correct because I’m going to Greece next week and the rules have bamboozled me more for coming home than going there.
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  9. The amount of selfish arseholes not wearing masks on the tube in London even though it’s mandated. Boggling.
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  10. I finally visited the UK from the US in the second half of August after nearly 2 years out of the country. It was amazing to see family and friends after so long.

    The whole system coming into the UK seems very, erm, flimsy in terms of checking vaccination status and proof of negative test. In fact, I’m pretty sure nobody checked either upon arrival. The airline only checked the negative test proof leaving the US.
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  11. This was my biggest observation / shock visiting - anecdotally the NYC subway still has about 90% of people wearing. The tube seemed more like 40-50%.
  12. I am vaccinated of course - but Greece being moved from Amber list to Red(?) is what worries me. Oh well let's hope for the best.
  13. With talk of a possible further lockdown in the UK happening (debunked or not), I've seen lots of discussion surrounding it on social media, and it seems there's increasing ridicule towards those who would comply and go into another lockdown from people who are fully vaccinated and followed rules.

    We know lockdown comes with implications on mental health, money, job security etc, but why isn't the ridicule aimed at the people who are actively driving us towards potentially needing one? If you're double vaccinated and followed rules, surely the frustration ought to be aimed at the people who have done none of that and refuse to do so rather than people who've also taken sacrifices and done things to protect themselves and others, and would make further sacrifices if needed.

    Maybe I'm missing the point, but it just feels the anger and contempt is being directed towards the wrong people?
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  14. The only people who should be getting blamed is the Tory government’s incompetence who allowed the delta variant to rip through the U.K. and went full steam ahead with reopening the economy.
  15. Oh for sure. But also the people who think they're above from the virus/don't believe it's a real thing/think masks are the devil.
  16. Without any law about mask wearing behind them the British Transport Police won't get involved so it'd be up to Tube staff to enforce. No way in hell are they going to risk their safety enforcing masks. It's an unenforceable rule without legislative underpinning and you're relying on people to wear it out of duty which is...yeah.
  17. Hey girlies,

    So as I posted previously, I tested positive for Miss Rona around 12 days ago. Thanks to being double vaxxed my symptoms were pretty light and after having a stable temperature of around 36.7 after the initial fever and no other symptoms I was allowed to end my quarantine after 10 days this Monday.

    The thing is, when I woke up this morning I felt really lethargic with a tingling sensation in my nose and pains. My temperature started to rise to around 37.8. However it only lasted an hour or two and now I feel fine again.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I’m wondering if I’m still infectious. I’m supposed to be back to work on Monday but this sorta has me worried.
  18. It’s best if you have an antigen test just to be safe. It’s probably a post-Covid symptom but it’s better to clear up any doubts.
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  19. Thanks for the advice! I’ll have a look around for a clinic (Japan is so behind when it comes to ease and accessibility of testing..)
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  20. The UK is FINALLY bringing in vaccine passport rules. Should have done this months ago. I've been traveling in Europe this Summer and France / Italy, you can't do much without showing your vaccine certificate. As it should be.
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