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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I have a half sleeve and I often forget about it (crazy how quickly it just becomes part of you) but the nurse made a joke about it being "obvious" that I'm okay with needles... and I was like "actually they are two very different experiences, but thanks." The feeling of something scratching your skin is NOT the same as something going into your veins or muscles. I've almost fallen asleep mid-tattoo session yet I get panic attacks when I need to get a blood test done dddd
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  2. It's cute they want to return to "old normal", but can they start by returning the timetables back to "old normal"? My station is still running half the amount of trains, has much slower journeys, and was already busy enough pre-covid.
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  3. If it’s any consolation to anyone worried about needles, I’ve had Botox, two tattoos, given blood and had several travel vaccines and the covid vaccine was probably the least invasive and least painful of them all dd
  4. I have no fear of medical needles, just feel uncomfortable with blood draws because the needle is sitting there in my arm for a bit longer. However I've never been able to get over my fear of what a tattoo would feel like in order to get one.
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  5. HEY!

    (Seriously, a top-tier end of the world bop)
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  6. So everyone’s gonna go inside events vaccinated or not?
  7. This bunch of clowns just can't keep their messaging consistent, and it's almost certainly being done on purpose now

  8. I'm triple-vaccinated now.

    I've been having a hard time deciding whether or not to get the booster because of a number of reasons:
    First, there's still no consensus on whether or not countries should focus on giving booster jabs at all.
    Second, there's the medical issue of richer countries hoarding vaccines while developing countries have no chance getting their population vaccinated, resulting in an overwhelmed healthcare system and a prolonged worldwide pandemic due to all the variants.
    Third, there's the ethical issue of getting a third jab before other have got their first one.

    I'm fully aware of the extremely privileged position I'm in and I would honestly want us to move on from individual protection to overall population protection through a more even distribution of the vaccines. But sadly, this is not happening, and I cannot see any pressure being put on governments from any side, so I think we will have to stick to ensuring individual protection against the disease.

    The vaccination rate in my country has slowed down and only a handful people get vaccinated a day, so there's an abundance of vaccines here. My boyfriend suffers from chronic disease and I work as a teacher, I meet at least 80 children a day. Seeing how the Delta variant took Israel by surprise with a great vaccination rate (and the fact that their booster campaign seems to work), and seeing how my country stopped enforcing any social distancing, mask-wearing and contact-tracing efforts, it felt like the logical choice to get the booster. I still feel strange about getting it and part of the reason I'm posting this is because I'm still struggling with this morally.

    I'm a two-time-Astra one-time-Pfizer girl now.
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  9. Has anyone in the US heard anything from their employer yet regarding the mandate?
  10. I work for a big American company (in the UK office) and our US staff have been told they're not allowed into the office until they're vaccinated.
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  11. Same.
  12. My company is giving people 2 months, no word on what would happen to people who don't though.
  13. I work for a public university that just mandated that all students, faculty, and staff are vaccinated. It seems like they're fairly flexible in letting people around it with ~ethical concerns~ though...
  14. Teeny tiny update; I sent him an article about this when I randomly came across it, which has all the facts: it’s not bad that this happens, it’s usually due stress and what not. He said he doesn’t care and suggest we should agree to disagree and not discuss this.

    What an idiot.
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  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I work for a nationwide reproductive health organization (guess) at a huge hub in NYC. People were getting emailed yesterday about updating their vaccine status or facing termination.
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  16. Second dose of Moderna today. I basically forced two people who work for me part-time to go and get it with me. Both went kicking and screaming but inevitably shut up long enough to get it.

    Both are in the throes of addiction and I imagine high risk. I have no idea if I’ll be able to convince them to go for shot 2 considering the full-on fight today and the extreme conservative leanings of this area and misinformation, but hopefully this will give them some sort of protection if not.
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  17. Wales is having Covid Passes for nightclubs and large events from Oct 11th. It's not a vaccine pass as such because you can use a test to get a pass.

    The biggest issue I see is, what is a nightclub? Most bars are mini (and not so mini) nightclubs these days.
  18. The FDA rejected a 3rd/booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine for most Americans, so it appears they may only be for the elderly and severely immunocompromised for awhile.
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