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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

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    Yeah, everyone's reverted back. And literally the first time I let myself go the other day with work colleagues to get over the covid anxiety... Yeah I get a sore throat, seemingly the post covid "freshers" flu. Great.
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  2. I had the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Sunday. I was fine until today, when I randomly broke into sweats, almost collapsed at work and then got sent home? Ooft, I'm dreading the second dose now because today was absolutely terrifying. I still feel very fuzzy, I mean it will be worth it when I'm fully vaxxed but it has really knocked me for six.
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  3. I'm now eligible for a 3rd Pfizer dose because I have an occupational high-risk. My 6 months for 2nd dose is closing in, but I'm also conflicted because so many people still need their first dose. I don't know what to do.
  4. I understand your hesitation, but this is not an individualistic issue. This is yet again another systematic failure of our government. You are most likely saving a vaccine from being thrown out (if you live in the US)
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  5. Do it. The remaining Americans who haven't gotten vaccinated aren't going to until/unless they're compelled to. And as far as the rest of the world, the US has pledged 1.1 billion doses to other countries. Not as much as we should be doing, but much better than any other developed country.

    I'm immunocompromised (on immunosuppressants to treat RA), and while the rheumatologist didn't think I needed a booster right away, I'm planning to get one in the next couple weeks so I have it in my system a month before I take a trip abroad.
  6. The qualifications for the third dose are the same that existed when I managed to schedule my first one so I think I'm good to get one? October marks 6 months since my 2nd so I think I'm gonna wait a few more weeks. I would imagine that they're not gonna go hard on verifying my qualifications other than seeing what's on my vaccine card.
  7. Does this mean healthcare workers will get a third dose as well?
  8. Sure does. (Along with cops. Ugh.)
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  9. In Spain we're focused on the elder and those with immunodeficiency (so basically the first ones to get vaccinated back in December/January). But hopefully it'll reach those at the "front-line" as well, even if getting it is voluntarily or whatever.
  10. Yeah, those were the first groups to be approved for third doses here as well.

    They're trying to make a distinction between a "third dose" for immunocompromised and older people, and a "booster" for everyone else, which cracks me up. It's the same thing!!
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  11. If you're in the US, yes. Saying people at high-risk because of their jobs was the way they're giving them to anyone 18+ who wants one. Fast food workers, grocery store workers, teachers, doctors, journalists, mail people, anyone who is public facing basically.
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  12. This seems like good news. But now of course all the anti-vax nutjobs are claiming this is just ivermectin repurposed for more profit.

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  13. Last night I went on the London Underground for the first time since March 17th 2020. I was super scared and anxious but I stayed masked up and had my sanitiser on me for peace of mind. Kinda alarmed at how literally no one else seems to be wearing masks on the tube but as long as I have mine on I feel safe.
  14. I live in London and am a regular user of Public Transport. At the moment I can't understand why people would not want to wear a face mask on a bus/train/tube. There are many elderly/vulnerable people using Public Transport as they have no choice but to do so to get around town. I always mask up out of respect for them. It's not a big burden for me. It's very easy to do.
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  16. In spite of the government actively working to kill us, I finally got my second Pfizer jab.
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  17. I get the impression that everyone who has been vaxxed, one or both doses, seems to think they’re excused from mask wearing in public settings. Seems lazy if anything else.
    Plus, london public transport was dirty and rank even before Covid, why would you now not want to protect yourself when you’re stuck underground on a packed central line train next to some bloke who keeps sneezing or coughing near you?!
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  18. #GetVaccinatedOrStayAtHomeChallenge2021
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