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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Highest level of cases since July reported in the UK today (45k) and it’s back to full-on spluttering and coughing season on public transport, in most cases without a face mask. I hate it here on plague island.
  2. Christ the amount of people just out right coughing in my face is driving me insane. Have these people not learned anything?! I loudly said to one man who passed me by and coughed without covering his mouth “not gonna cover your mouth then? Okay..” to which he told to shut up and get vaccinated if I was worried. Bitch I am vaccinated, doesn’t mean I want your snot all up on my face. The knob.
  3. There are many terrible things about people this pandemic has proven to me, but one of the highest among them is that people just really like to revel in how disgusting they are.
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  4. Yup, it's been a real eye-opener to know just how selfish and disgusting most people are.
  5. I went into the office for the first time this week and people are in there with straight up coughs and colds. I mean come on.
  6. this was my boss yesterday and I said to him that he shouldn’t be in the office.
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  7. We’re back to the office a couple of days a week and I heard that one of the senior managers went into the office for a big meeting with all senior managers…on the same day that he took his kids to get a covid test…and his kids then tested positive. Love that for us!
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  8. Do we have any idea what's behind the recent rise in the UK? Obviously cases have been going up for a while, but cases in the past week have made a really sudden and large jump. Is there something behind it, or is it just cold weather driving people inside and closer together?
  9. My guess is more large gatherings happening and masks not really being enforced as much as before.
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  10. I can't really gauge whether it's an appropriate response, or whether I'm assuming the worst for no good reason, but I do think we're in a really bad position. 50,000 odd cases a day, winter approaching, and a huge portion of the population vaccinated long enough ago for immunity to have waned quite a bit.

    Like, ironically, I wonder if we'd be in a stronger position had we vaccinated slower so we have maximum protection over winter.
  11. Also one of the UK test processing labs incorrectly told over 40.000 people, over the span of over a month, that their PCR tests were negative when they were in fact positive. So that’s a lot of people spreading it to others thinking they just had a cold.

    Nearly 50.000 new cases today and you just know our shitty government won’t do anything until it’s too late. I’m so tired.
  12. [​IMG]

    Some cunts are still putting these White Rose Anti-COVID stickers up in my town, I took one down today that was different from this one and I’m proud of my myself for taking it down, is it illegal to take it down? Surely it should be illegal to put those up as they’re spreading harmful misinformation?
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  13. Not illegal to take down but be careful sometimes they put razor blades underneath them
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  14. Yeah, I'll not be taking anymore down in case there are razor blades under them.
  15. So, are masks in London just no longer a thing? The last two weeks I’ve been getting on the bus to and from work and I’m the only person who wears one.

    I’m not even exaggerating and it’s genuinely astounding how many people are coughing and sniffing. Do people just have no sense or shame? I would be mortified if I was sat on a bus without a mask and a friend or colleague got on.
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  16. It varies area by area. Where I am in Zone 1/2 usage is about 60% on the bus, tube probably a bit higher at commuting times. A huge portion of people are over it which also means businesses are guilt tripping workers to show up even if they're feeling ill, and that feeds into people feeling less concerned with being out and about if they've got sniffles.
  17. I find it baffling (not really) that the government really lifted all restrictions like vaccines were The End of Covid... and when they've seen they weren't, they haven't moved a finger?

    Vaccines and masks seem to be the best way going forward. Masks aren't even compulsory outdoors over here, but people are so used to them you see almost everyone wearing one just walking the streets. And the number of cases keeps going down:

  18. This is honestly like a repeat of last winter. Can’t wait for the next lockdown to happen
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  19. I'm guessing we'll see big upticks through January, but I'm hoping that's the last of the worst of it.
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  20. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I also think this winter is going to be quite bleak but once we're on the other side of it we can finally say we're out of the worst of it.
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