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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I imagine winter will be horrendous and have braced myself for it. We just didn't get kids vaccinated and its ripping through that area now like wildfire. On the plus, the deaths are really being kept down thanks to the vaccines.

    I agree that by January we'll basically be through this from the combination of vaccines, infections and breakthrough cases. They'll be such a huge level of her immunity across the country from so many infections, you'll either have it and feel like shit or have it and barely feel anything.

    But either way, you'll have come out the other side with antibodies.
  2. The amount of people in ICs and now all regular care has to be postponed…
  3. Half my team were off last week with it, it’s rife in schools. One kid gets it, then their whole class then their parents. I don’t want a lockdown but the amount of people having to self isolate feels like it’s going to seriously affect staff in shops and restaurants, and businesses will struggle to stay open.
  4. English schools being back would be my guess. Scottish schools went back earlier, in mid August, resulting in a local spike mid September.
  5. It’s really weird because I know cases are high but I’ve literally been through like a 2 month period through July and August where loads of people have caught it that I know but prior to that it was literally 2. It’s very confusing.
  6. Don't UK schools close for midterm at some point?
  7. Next week, which should at least mean there's a respite from kids mixing with other kids and could keep a lid on cases a little.

    This was always going to happen when schools went back, because there have been spikes every single time and yet nobody has learned a fucking thing. Mama, I'm tired.
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  8. I think here in Greece kids wear masks and have daily rapid tests?
  9. In my school over 100 kids are currently off with positive PCRs.

    Ok yeah cool love it.
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  10. The UK really needs to hurry up and make masks mandatory again it’s getting ridiculous now.
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  11. SBK


    Yeah, I've been sick since last week and I totally attribute that to the tube. I was one of the hand full of people wearing mask during most of my commutes week.

    Everyone has given up, and as a result I can only see them having to enforce working from home and mask wearing again in the next few weeks.
    Fully expect leaked plans in the Murdoch press soon to soften the blow when they finally have the balls to do something.

    I mean I wouldn't get ahead of ourselves. We'll have 6 months of fun, guard will be down and we'll have pretty much forgotten about it by winter 2022 and because its at the back of everyone's minds there'll be another massive wave.
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  12. Unless, for some reason, they jet off to Mallorca or somewhere, mixing with a number of people at airports, in flights, shuttle buses, resorts etc. ...

    But that would never happen, would it?
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  13. There's a child at my niece and nephew's school who is going through cancer treatment, every parent got a letter practically begging them to not send their children into school if they even suspect they could have covid. My sister just told me that the little boy has had to be pulled from school completely because parents kept sending their kids in who were clearly unwell. Such a shame.
  14. It does feel like the government are just playing ignorant at this stage. It’s very that house on fire but everything is fine meme, isn’t it?

    People are fed up and they’re over all the restrictions but the fact we’re still in a pandemic seems completely lost on people. The whole “freedom day” brigade seem to think Covid went away over the summer never to be seen again.

    I would have hoped the culture of how we behave when someone is unwell would have changed for the better. Like, don’t come in to the office if you have a cold? Perhaps continue to sanitise your hands when you’re using public spaces? But no, I’ve got colleagues coming in with full on colds and saying “oh but I didn’t wanna let the team down!!” Miss me with that martyr nonsense. Go home and stay away from me.

    I’ll be wearing my mask a bit more again when I’m in public. Granted, I reduced my use of my mask during August and September when walking around London. But with people coughing and spluttering everywhere I think masking up is the most sensible thing to do.
  15. SBK


    Its infuriating. On BBC Breakfast they had an expert from the JCVI saying vaccines are great sure, but they can only do so much and with cases rising as much as they are we should be returning to face-coverings being mandatory, social distancing and possibly working from home where possible.

    They put this to Kwasi Kwarteng, one of the more insufferable Tories who basically said we just need to get vaccinated..... MOST OF US ALREADY ARE, AND ITS STILL SPREADING.

    "Learn to live with it" loosely translated into Tory means "We're not bothered if some of you die from it"

    They seem determined to wait until the NHS is at capacity before they do anything - which then has a knock-on effect on every other illness that's been neglected over the past 2 years.

    Dreading getting any kind of serious illness under this government.
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  16. Every single time the BBC has to report that it’s the highest daily deaths since march, they add this idiotic caveat that Tuesday’s figures tend to be inflated. Like, yeah, but Tuesdays also had inflated figures in march, and every week in between, so the comparison is accurate, the caveat is unnecessary, and their tone irresponsibly playing down the severity of current case numbers.
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  17. SBK


    Tuesdays aren't inflated, the rest of the week is just under-reported.

    Its amazing that in 2021, the computerised bean-counting systems still take weekends off

  18. Announce mandatory indoor mask wearing, vaccine passports for indoor events and an increase in booster jabs at a minimum please.
  19. MB


    It's expected to focus on booster vaccinations and the work of the government's antivirals taskforce.
    What I don't get is, if uptake is slow on the boosters then why not offer them out to adults who want them? Surely that's better than no one having them?
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