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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. SBK


    Its really a bizzare situation becuase they're telling over 50s to get vaccinated but yet, when over 50s go on the website to book it often tells them they are eligible yet, so you have to take your chances of finding a walk in center that'll take you.

    They're just gonna keep repeating the same "Get vaccinated" line - we ain't gonna beat this by just getting vaccinated, people still get sick with the vaccine. We need to get strict with masks again - it should be normal in winter in my opinion. I just went to the chemist and barely anyone is wearing them now on the bus or in shops. Its no surprise cases are shooting up.
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  2. The problem with the British public is, mandatory or not, they still won’t bother.

    It’s so depressing sitting on a bus full of maskless people while the voiceover on the speaker repeats “for your protection please wear a face mask etc” every 5 minutes and no one bats an eyelid.
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  3. It does feel like we are in a strange kind of limbo. My place of work is still insisting on face coverings when moving around the building and in crowded areas. However, work colleagues can obviously still socialise off site and aren't required to take precautions. I'm still wearing my face covering in public, but I'm starting to feel judged for wearing it (as I'm in the minority).
  4. Can we talk about how deranged capitalism is that Vogue and Conde Nast Traveler run articles about must-have mask accessories? Or that designer brands sell masks for like $100+.
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  5. There seems to be increasing rumblings for mandatory child vaccinations here in Oz going INTO summer, which would be great if we could get it together but the conservative hate machine/federal government is momentarily on pause whilst the last 25% or so of the adult population gets vaccinated before "releasing us" over the next couple of weeks.
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  6. I already did this with Moderna a few months ago after getting J&J in March

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  7. I got my 2nd Pfizer booster a few days ago. The next variant/inevitable Winter surge will not catch me slipping!
  8. While I get where you're coming from, not every job is able to be done from home and not every job provides sick pay. When I worked for a popular peri chicken chain, if I was off sick for a day, I didn't get paid. My boyfriend works in hospitality still and won't be paid for shifts he doesn't work. It's not as easy to say 'Just go home' when people are financially dependent on that money coming in.
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  9. Nah I totally get that. I live above the pub my boyfriend manages and know how dicey working on hospitality can be when you’re dealing with the general public daily and there aren’t any provisions in place if you’re off sick i.e better sick pay. But I was hoping the pandemic would shift thinking on this and the government (sigh) and big business would see the incentive of prioritising people’s health and give them the financial support they need.
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  10. It’s chilly in London today and people on the bus have closed all the windows. So, as well as no masks or social distancing, there’s now no ventilation.

    We’re all doomed.
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  11. SBK


    If anything things are worse than before. In their desperation to keep the economy going, people are still dying, people are still getting sick but they are again taking their sweet ass time at implementing any basic restrictions such as mask-wearing or social distancing.

    Its amazing that 2 years in they haven't worked out that early intervention could prevent having to implement the stronger measures. Social Distancing and Mask-wearing could have kept numbers low enough to keep businesses running,

    Government policy seems to be wait until its as bad as possible then do the bare minimum.
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    It's fine. Half Term will save us all! (is probably what the UK government are thinking).
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  13. Are people really dead against wearing masks again? I haven't stopped wearing mine! People need to get a grip on reality if they really feel being told to wear a mask infringes on some sort of human rights.
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  14. To be fair on my tube right now to Heathrow I can only spot 2 people not wearing a mask, in a full carriage. But I always find that as everyone seems to be heading to the airport.

    Heading East to Cockfosters the other day was a different story. Jam packed and I was the only one wearing one, so doubled up.

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  15. Don't take pictures of people without their permission
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  16. MB


    UK cases have declined for a fourth day in a row (clinging onto a small positive).
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  17. In the Netherlands, cases are on the rise again, hospitals delaying care that “can” be delayed. Fear of full ICUs again and some religious cities have huge infection rates and cases. They are bringing forward discussion on new regulations and announcing them earlier too probably. We need more vaccinations!
  18. Ireland has really high vaccination rates but we’ve been seeing a really high number of cases recently. There’s not much more we can do from a vaccination point except offer boosters to the elderly and vulnerable. We already have vaccine certs for pubs, clubs etc. but I’ve been to places that don’t check them properly.

    I guess this is what happens when the vaccine isn’t as effective against the delta variant as we had hoped, and people are doing a lot of socialising indoors. There hasn’t been talk of bringing back restrictions yet (we only just recently opened up live events and clubs), and there’s major lockdown fatigue here, so not really sure what’s next. Hoping these case numbers start to plateau and fall cause our ICUs are filling up fast (yet again).
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  19. Don't go celebrating just yet. According to the Governments own Coronavirus dashboard, the numbers for Wales aren't included in todays total. All the news outlets appear to have forgotten to report this piece of information.
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  20. I need you on board love. "I'm in a public space".
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