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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Its projected the missing Wales data would be around 3k infections so with that added in, at least the final figure still wouldn't be near the 50k mark thankfully.
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  2. So cases decline for four or five days—by date reported, because they're rising dramatically still by date of sampling—and The BBC published a fucking novella declaring the pandemic over? Jesus Horatio Christ, this media, this country.
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  3. That’s not really what the article is saying though, is it?

    It’s an analysis of data modelling that suggests cases may drop over winter, and clearly states up front that it’s “dangerous to read too much into a few days of data”.

    It also ends with a professor arguing for more caution, vaccination, testing and isolation.

    So… yeah I think it’s a fine and balanced editorial piece.
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  4. I'd be suspicious if it was just one source saying it, but independently of each other I've noticed a lot of data and modeller nerds on Twitter over the past couple of weeks have said they're expecting cases to fall at some point this winter – or at least create increasingly smaller peaks and troughs as time goes on – which I find very interesting. Basically we can't view last year's pandemic through the same lens as this this year: it's still there, but the variables at least in the UK (vaccines, boosters, schools, psychology, behaviour, immunity etc etc) are different and so may not play out in the way that feels familiar to our lived experience of it so far.
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  5. I think in general what's happening is, cases same as last year but with 10% the hospitalisations.
  6. Cases here in Japan are down to 36 today in Tokyo. Obviously the high inoculation rate is one thing but I think it must be that people are continuing to be diligent and actively wearing their masks everyday and practicing basic hygiene dd

    Honestly I don’t understand when people from the US and UK complain about masks. I literally wear mine from 8 AM in the morning to 7 PM when I get home. It’s not that hard.
  7. Its interesting data for sure - you'd think and take it as a given that winter would drive UK cases up not down. If the projections do pan out, we're very much entering new territory with this virus.
  8. Karens are truly a disease.

    The fact that she entered the mall without a mask is shocking. We've been wearing masks since March 2020 and people has been arrested and fined for not, or refusing to wear one.

    I hope she gets her comeuppance. Imagine behaving like that for a Dior replacement bag during a pandemic. If you too thick to wear a mask, just get it delivered to your house!
  9. A colleague at work has just done a lateral flow test and it's come back positive. Starting to freak out a little bit now, as we were close, but not close (if that makes any sense)
    When I sat near her, I was distanced, and we both had masks, and I was sanitizing a lot. Plus, when she handed my keys back to me, I sanitized them down too. We are both double jabbed.

    Guess I better get some more lateral flows done!
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  10. To be honest, if you're in the UK and are double jabbed against COVID, it seems like your symptoms (for most people) are going to be worse with this pretty brutal cold going around, or the regular flu. I imagine that if the NHS is put under strain this winter, it'll be equally (if not potentially more so) down to other respiratory illnesses, with COVID as more of a consistent background, or one that might even lose steam a bit.
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  11. I’m just getting over “this cold” that’s going around and it knocked me off my feet for 4 days straight and I’m still struggling with it over a week later. Seemed very much like Covid, I even lost my sense of smell for a few days and my taste buds went weird but 2x lateral flows and a PCR were all negative. Was absolutely horrific.

    Also know so many people who came down with it around the same time as me so I reckon it spreads very easy.
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  13. In China, the government basically throws rapid tests at you to take as you get to enjoy a firework display, while in America, there are no rapid tests because companies like Abbott had minimum-wage factory workers destroy them after deeming them unprofitable. ":("
  14. Those Abbott at-home kits are fucking useless too
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  15. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Been less than three months since I had COVID and I got my second dose (Pfizer) in September, but last Sunday I went to a get together with only four friends and one of them ended up testing positive for COVID literally the next day.

    None of my other friends have tested positive so far, but I've been having a headache and my nose is funky, kinda how it was when I had COVID the first time. I'd... be really upset if I managed to get COVID again in such a short time especially after taking the second jab.
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  16. Everyone saying they have this new cold is giving "I had Covid in December 2019".

    Yes this is a joke aimed at myself, don't bite.
  17. I received two Pfizer jabs in April of this year but I got the Moderna booster last week. It's relieved a little anxiety. I received the booster through my employer (I'm a healthcare worker) but I wish more had access to the boosters. It has made a difference in my daily mental health.
  18. I've been poorly all week with this cold that's going around. Tested every day just in case but always negative. I had COVID in August and I'm double jabbed so fingers crossed it's just a cold.
  19. I got my booster too, everyone that had J&J is entitled to one here.
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