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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. My aunt has COVID now, she's also double jabbed too.
  2. What the actual fuck at Patsy Palmer being anti mask and anti-vax? I’m disgusted.
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  3. It's... Patsy Palmer.
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  4. I thought she was better than that tbh.
  5. Big Bird from Sesame Street came out in support of Vaccines today.

    Conservatives are pissed... at a puppet.
  6. What's especially funny is watching these pundits like Ted Cruz throwing a tantrum about Sesame Street "caving to the woke mob" when as a show it's pretty much always been progressive-minded in its messaging. Like girl this is nothing new, sorry you thought that because it started airing in the 1960s it's remained as stagnant and unwilling to move with the times as you have!
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  7. kal


    I have to laugh

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  8. Makes you think.
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  9. I can’t stop laughing at Big Bird having all these stupid conservatives big big mad. You’re arguing with a puppet from a children’s show?! Do you not feel any bit stupid? Like, at all?!!

    I’ve started wearing my mask again around London with the same regularity as I did the start of the year when we were in a full lockdown. Major plus is that it’s keeping my face nice and warm in this cold weather!
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  11. Sadly it’s not about logic but power and control.mp3.
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  12. How bad is COVID in the UK right now, specifically London? I'm going for a week next month to see Jessie Ware and sightsee a bit, but my relatives here in LA have me nervous.
  13. Conservative radio show host Dennis Prager did an interview where he compared anti-vaxxers to people with AIDS in the 80s.

    What in the revisionist history? Acting like people weren't (And sometimes still are) afraid to even touch an HIV+ person, Ryan White not being allowed to go to school because he had HIV. People with HIV/AIDS have been treated like pariahs, and still do.
    But anti-vaxxers are CHOOSING to be unvaccinated. If anything, they're more comparable to those uneducated folks who are the ones afraid to touch HIV+ people.

    The hoops these people jump through to play victim and avoid getting vaccinated is astonishing and sad.
  14. In the U.K. there’s about 30,000ish new cases a day which is a decrease from the past few weeks. London’s case rate per 100k is well below the U.K. average.

    London recorded round about 2000 new cases today but you need to take into consideration that London’s population is nearly 9 million.
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  15. I live in London and yeah, as @Aidan said England has seen pretty consistent drops in case numbers over the past couple if weeks. Personally I don't think it's going to get crazy over the winter and almost certainly won't have jumped up considerably by the time you're here.

    In terms of London, non-mask usage is about 60/40 on public transport, sometimes lower or higher depending on the time of day. Anecdotally, I've been going to pubs/bars/gigs all summer and haven't caught it and neither have any of my friends - it's definitely not rife in the way it was previously. Just take your usual precautions and have a great time, it's not worth your trip being ruined by worry.
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  16. I'm thinking of doing an Anti Body test to see if I have had covid in the past.

    Does anyone know where is reasonably priced to get one in the UK please?
  17. Have you had the vaccine? Because if you have you’ll have antibodies so it would be a pointless exercise.
  18. I've read online there are two different ones.
  19. I’m so baffled by Boris and Sajid saying they don’t know if Europe’s fourth wave will affect the UK…

    We have the worst cases and deaths in Europe. Our third wave never ended. In all likelihood we caused Europe’s fourth wave.
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