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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Got my flu and booster jags today. Pfizer rather than Astrazeneca, the nurse explained everything so well telling me that it offers different antibodies (I think, I was distracted by his chest hair poking out his uniform) to give better protection.
    Arm is killing me but other than that I'm doing good. Weight off my shoulders though and can now enjoy Xmas.
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  2. Those of us with genuine hidden disabilities really don’t want to be lumped in with those selfish asshats you are referring to. In fact we’d like to be kept as far away from them as possible. I hate that people will see my sunflower lanyard and immediately think “does he have a genuine reason why he’s exempt or is he just an anti-masker”. I really hate it here.
  3. Without causing an uproar, and whilst I continue to follow the guidelines accordingly, I am finding it increasingly difficult to do it with a smile given the news about Boris’ and his Christmas parties last year.

    I am furious beyond words that I was unable to see family last Christmas, and yet behind closed doors, life was seemingly normal and one big joke upon the British public from our so-called “leader”.
  4. Most people with O are asymptomatic or with the mildest symptoms. I hope this was a racist over-reaction.
  5. Selfishly, I hope this means that my trip can go forward.
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  6. I had my booster vaccine today and feeling fine so far apart from a slightly sore arm. I was absolutely floored by the first two doses so hoping to avoid that this time.
  7. London hunties, there’s a few walk-in clinics cropping up for boosters for anyone 18+ and min. 3 months out since their second dose. What looks like the most guaranteed upcoming one is Park Royal Medical Centre in Brent from this Saturday the 4th. You need to book via Eventbrite here:

    There’s also Wembley Centre for Health & Care next Wednesday the 8th (also needs booking via Eventbrite).

    For more central locations - I got my booster Pfizer dose as a walk-in at St Leonard’s Hospital in Hoxton today, no questions asked and I’m under 40 with no underlying conditions and just over 5 months since my second jab. They also have clinics running this Saturday, and Tuesday and Thursday next week, but I’m not sure it’s guaranteed those will be to anyone 18+ and min. 3 months out like today.
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  8. The media made out that Omicron would be her imperial era. I’m glad it’s more of a Madame X/Female Boss type affair. Well done everyone.
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  9. It’s still early days but hoping for a miracle. A variant that spreads super easy but has mild symptoms taking over probably means good things in the long run, then again I’m not an expert at all.
  10. Comparing Madame X to the Female Boss is the REAL disease here.
  11. LTG


    At least say MDNA
  12. Completely sympathise with this. My mum and younger siblings had to isolate together due to a close contact in school right before the holidays - I sat in the garden in -2 weather and watched them open gifts through the window. Totally broke my heart.

    I’m so sick of Boris and his pals getting to do whatever they like and also taking the piss out of his own country and people whilst doing so. Absolute arsehole.
  13. I fear the radicalised group of anti-vaxxers much more than I've ever feared the virus itself.

    In other news, I got the booster shot yesterday and was completely out of order from last night till a few hours ago. Laid in bed all day, couldn't get up, horrible headache and growing pains. Much worse than after the first jabs. Fortunately, it's been getting better quickly since the afternoon.
  14. Not them going to all that effort to get inside when it appears that the market is closed... worms for brains, honestly.
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  15. If anything that probably makes them scarier. Completely unpredictable.
  16. I'm getting my Pfizer booster today.
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  17. There's been multiple people at my job who have all gotten COVID in the past few weeks. Very stressful. I'm sure Thanksgiving holiday didn't help with that either. I've got no symptoms but i'm going to get tested tomorrow just to be on the safe side.
  18. Just as a potential heads up to anyone getting the Pfizer booster, mine had way more of an effect on me than either of the first two jabs (also Pfizer). Bad chills at night, serious headache and body aches the next day, swollen lymph node underarm. Lowkey annoyed I had it on a Friday and couldn't justify a sick day from work the day after.

    Obviously we're all wanting to get them ASAP and lucky to be able to, but just in case anyone has jam packed their schedule for the following day(s) (like I did); don't assume your reaction will necessarily be the same this go around!
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