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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Serving a My Life Would Suck Without You 97-1 Hot 100 chart run.

    Edit: ddd not me not seeing a post two above mine.
  2. So my company went ahead and held a Christmas party last week, with everyone required to do an antigen test to attend. Well we're at a dozen positives since and one has been hospitalised. It just isn't worth it for a free glass of wine and canapes.
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  3. I had my Pfizer booster on Sunday, wow yesterday was hellish. Hot/cold, achey, sweats, light-headed, no appetite. The first two doses were fine. I've woke up today hungry and feeling much better so that's good!
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  4. Holy shit
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  5. Welp, so whilst I have a pretty dysfunctional family, I was looking forward to a better Christmas this year nonetheless compared to last year. My mum called this morning to tell me my step-dad has tested positive. He went out at the weekend with his friends so no doubt caught it then…

    I feel so awful for her in particular as this was going to be the first Christmas she could really put her feet up as I was going to cook the food for everyone, after she has spent the last 30+ years hosting for everyone.
    She’s in a total panic as she is technically most at risk in our family of getting ill. Everyone is now triple jabbed though so I’ve been trying to reassure her.

    It feels so gutting. There’s been immense pressure on Christmas after last year, but with covid here there and everywhere, and the impending feeling that further restrictions are going to be brought in here in the UK, there’s just been a looming feeling of dread in the air. Hoping my mum manages to dodge it and god forbid she does test positive, only has a mild experience.
    Stay safe everyone.
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  6. Thankfully, I've not has any reaction to my Pfizer booster at all. All I have is an achey arm but that's it - so relieved!!!
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  7. Another 90,000 cases in the U.K. today. After the massive surge a week ago, it seems odd that case numbers have levelled out a bit over the past 7 days, even though they are still massively high. Also 7,800 people in hospital, only a slight uptick from last week, and lower than everyday in November. I imagine these numbers will worsen as everybody mingles over Christmas, but I was expecting the growth to be a lot steeper now.
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  8. SBK


    I think case numbers are up mostly due to more people taking tests.
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  10. Had my booster (Moderna) on Sunday.
    Felt fine that night, but felt a bit rough Monday, which got slightly worse over the day (think it was more for the fact I was tired after working all day on the Sunday and having limited sleep as had to be up early on the Monday) but today feel absolutely fine.
    Had no side effects from either of my Pfizer jabs and very limited effects from Moderna so I guess I’ve been pretty lucky after others have felt much worse after all of the jabs.

    I was happy to be boosted as well. I’ve heard a few people where I live say they are pet sure about getting a booster (coming from a town where a third of the residents have not had a single vaccine yet)
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  11. Got Moderna as my booster (Pfizer in my first two rounds). I am slightly worried as everyone I know who had Moderna as the booster felt quite rough afterwards but I just popped some Paracetamol and hope it will just be a sore arm again.

  12. Not public backlash working for once!
  13. [​IMG]

    Had a good run of nearly two years without an infection, but here we are. The boyfriend and I both tested positive using at-home kits, and we're both a bit gutted that our Christmas is obviously canceled, but grateful that the symptoms so far are overwhelmingly mild. He has a sore throat and I basically just have congestion.

    We consider ourselves pretty careful people (and have been boosted for more than a month), so I can't imagine how far spread this variant is going to be in the weeks ahead.
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  14. The idea of another lockdown is both sort of I inevitable and also just terrifying me. I’m already feeling extraordinarily lonely day to day and snowed under with work but to have the precious up times I get with my friends to be taken away again feels so cruel of the universe.

    like I feel like nuclear families, homeowners, and people in stable relationships seem to not realise that for some people lockdown is living in a 5 bed shared house full of strangers where your only real personal space is your bedroom. I’ve done it before and I know I can do it again but it’s just scary, and every time I get more bitter about the people who can take up hobbies and complain about being bored and not just feel like life is as bad as before except now I can’t even take moments of escape.

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  15. The Netherlands is in it’s 3rd official hard lockdown since Saturday, till halfway January. Everything closed except essentials but you can still pick-up.Gyms closed too, except outside and what not. Schools have longer vacations and stuff.

    Life will need to change; no more stuff in winter, a deep lockdown sleep and then some stuff, if it can be possible, in summer.

    I’m tired, done, over. I don’t think anyone even could be bothered to protest it all or what not. All knowing to not expect anything lifted in a month. This all feels like another wave of depression, with no end in sight.
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The Facebook comments about the new Chicago mandate requiring proof of vaccination at sit-down restaurants, bars, and gyms are embarrassing but unsurprising. Also, most bars I’ve been to already ask for proof of vaccination before entry. Like this isn’t really anything new.
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  17. I had two Pfizers and a Moderna booster- worst of the lot was the 2nd shot of Pfizer.
    My best friend had the Pfizer booster and literally lost her shit in the middle of the night- was found searching her bathroom for a roast dinner! She still had aches a day later.
    I’m just waiting for PCR test results so I can go to my partner’s gran’s for Christmas- although started coughing today and woke up with blocked ears so not holding out much hope.
  18. The person I’ve been working with all week just got a positive lateral flow. I’ve been testing daily, sometimes twice, and I’m still negative. Really hoping I don’t get it again. Ordered a PCR test to be safe but needless to say I'll be gutted if this means I can't go see my mum and even more gutted if this means my boyfriend can't go and see his mum for his first Christmas without his dad and then days later celebrate his 40th birthday.
  19. I flew from New York to London on Friday and got the “you’ve been in close contact with someone” message and it has to be from a Day 2 PCR test because I came straight home from the airport. Considering everyone has to be tested to travel, amazing how many fall through the cracks. Also my flight was 100% sold out which really surprised me.
  20. In a previous job I put together some financial documents and my boss came to me and told me I'd done them wrong because I calculated the VAT we paid as 16.67% of the total price. He told me VAT was 20% and I would have to redo everything.

    I explained that VAT is 20% of the price without VAT added on and 16.67% of the price with VAT added on, which were the figures I was working with.

    "No, you're wrong, VAT is 20%."

    "What's 20% of £100?"


    "So if I have a £100 product and I add 20% VAT, how much is it now?"


    "And the VAT is £20, right?"


    "And £20 is 16.67% of £120. So the VAT on that product is 16.67% of the price."

    "No, because VAT is 20%. You're going to have to redo them and do them properly this time."

    This is exactly what I imagine it's like when the government's scientific advisers are trying to explain pandemic data to Boris Johnson, and it's a really frightening thought.
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