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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Annnnd my boyfriend now has Covid too. God this is the worst fucking Christmas ever. Fuck this year, fuck my life.
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  2. That sucks big time, but is mostly expected nowadays I think? At least you have each other and won’t be needing to separate from each other.
  3. "The WHO just released a new report detailing astonishing progress on measles. Between 2000 and 2020 the annual number of measles deaths fell by 94%, from 1,072,800 to 60,700, averting an estimated 31.7 million deaths."

    Vaccines <3
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  4. Has anyone here experienced not just a loss of taste/smell, but a distortion of it? Like, my coffee tastes as if I licked the bottom of a shoe, which is kind of devastating for someone like me who considers himself a coffee hobbyist. Does this return to normal much like people report their loss of taste comes back?

    I’m also not picking up on sweet flavors, which is a bit of a trip. Imagine eating an apple and it just tastes like one of those apple-flavored no-sugar products.
  5. My sister has the exact same problem. The smell/taste came back, but not when it comes to coffee. She keeps saying it has a rancid taste.
  6. He


    A good article by The Atlantic on this:

    Omicron Is Our Past Pandemic Mistakes on Fast-Forward
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  7. I’m meant to be going to a wedding on the 8th, can they just hurry up and tell us what the plan is, it’s really winding me up now.
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  8. He


    Check this post on testing (the whole account is a great source of news and stats explanations).
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I experienced this joy, wild isn’t it. I had covid in the summer and after a week, anything (and I mean, anything) with garlic (including dried garlic granules, garlic purée and fresh garlic) was revolting. I can’t even explain the smell or taste. Kinda ironic when all I craved when I was sick with covid was garlic bread.

    I fortunately recovered after a couple of weeks but had a bad cold in September and taste and smell was distorted again (most likely I wasn’t fully recovered?) with things like freshly brewed coffee, anything cooking on the hob (porridge, rice, pasta) and annoyingly alcohol (incl the smell of perfumes and some skincare). On the whole, it’s a lot better than it was but is still vaguely there (I reckon I’m 80-90% recovered now).
    I’m probably a bit of an anomaly but I’d highly recommend smell training. You can get kits online of things like cloves, rose, lemon - quite different but distinctive scents which are meant to help. I should probably look at getting a kit myself but have found just smelling distinct but different things around my home helped (herbs and spices, candles, shower gels etc). Keeping a ‘scent diary’ also helps, even just for sanity that things are improving as you have the evidence to look back on. I believe it’s all to do with nerve damage and your sense receptors struggling to recognise certain things, but don’t quote me. It’ll come back, just be patient. Can totally sympathise with you though, it’s a really strange thing to experience and so frustrating!
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  11. Tomorrow is my last day of isolation. I honestly can’t wait to get out and get some fresh air
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  12. Thanks for this. Appreciate it. I did read about smell training, so I’ll definitely look up the smell kit. Can’t hurt!
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  13. I’m not really sure why we’re going two full days without updated figures. Everywhere has reported it, but no one’s explained why?
  14. ^Holidays. Also now with backlogs, delayed reporting, probably reduced testing capacity etc etc I wouldn’t read too much into the numbers over the next week or so.
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  15. I don’t see why though when Christmas and Boxing Day were regular reporting days last year? I don’t get what’s changed this year.
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  16. Tory pubs.
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  17. Today is the first day all week where I’ve felt like myself, so I’m taking that as a win. My partner is also doing a lot better too. Hopefully we’re both on the home stretch of this now. I really want to go outside and walk around. Our flat is so small, I just wanna stretch!
  18. They keep texting me in all caps too, when I've had to wait 28 days from my symptoms starting and have already booked it for the earliest date it could possibly be. It's very annoying.
  19. [​IMG]

    It always felt kinda inevitable after leaving the safety of Malaysia for winter in UK, but it being the first Christmas since my sister died unfortunately I had no choice.

    Somehow my friend who I've travelled with and all my family and friends I spent Christmas with are testing negative, but I've returned 2 positive rapid tests, so I'm now interred in my parents' barely habitable attic like a character from Malignant.

    I was meant to fly back home to Malaysia on 7th January, I'll be super upset if I have to delay it - does anyone have any info on how likely it is I'll be able to deliver a negative PCR test 10 days on from testing positive? Trying to set my expectations...
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