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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. My boyfriend has tested positive. I told him not to go out partying ddd. We are double-vaccinated and boosted, but he still describes it as a very bad cold and he has mild fever as well. We slept in the same bed when his first symptoms appeared but since then I've moved to the couch, and he wears a face mask in the common areas if he leaves the room. I kind of feel relieved as the virus has been here for a very long time and we were bound to encounter it, and it's just much better to have the virus after three vaccines than, say, in 2020. I'm not sure we should be isolating from each other, though, as I don't know if it is possible for me not to catch it.
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  2. Ugh, I’ve got it.
  3. I contracted COVID on a work trip and did not test positive until after I was back and slept a couple nights with my husband before isolating. I isolated for five days after testing positive and he never got it. So if you truly want to avoid getting it, I recommend isolating. I had the same mild symptoms since I have 3 jabs but it still was not pleasant. What most people do not talk about it is the general scariness of not feeling like yourself even after the main symptoms end. Of course, I am 'of a certain age', so your experience may vary even if you get it. I will say now, after three weeks, I feel completely like myself finally.

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  4. Mr.Arroz

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    USPS delivered their little tests or whatever
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  5. Thank you. I always intended to get vaccinated, but with anxiety sometimes the longer you leave things the worst they manifest in your mind.

    For me anxiety has always been like juggling, a few items is manageable....when it becomes several then things just seem overwhelming and I shut down. It wasn't until I had a other matters addressed and sorted (which was only last Friday) that I felt ready.

    Now I just have to get my second vaccine so I can get my vaccine passport and go shopping to celebrate. My boyfriend has been doing all the shopping for the last 6 months while I hide away at home working on my projects, so he will be relieved. It probably hasn't been great for my mental health to isolate myself for so long.

    Thanks everyone for being understanding. Even though I don't really know many people that well here, I feel safe talking about these issues.
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  6. Sending love to you my bleaty baby.
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  7. I tested positive last night.

    I guess that serves me right for going away to the Hoopla Weekender. I am triple vaccinated but this week I have never been so ill. Symptoms seemed to appear on Monday but I just put it down to alcohol and being on a comedown.

    Although this morning i woke up feeling like a different person, the fever has gone, tension around my head too and i havent got a sore throat or aches. I still went for a PCR test this morning but have since tested negative on 3 lateral flows.

    Who knows what's going on but I feel I may have picked it up on Friday night and it developed on the Monday. Regardless, i wouldn't want to go through this again, it isn't nice at all.
  8. They must just send out whatever version they can, mine are from iHealth.
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  9. Not the Mighty Hoopla variant striking once again.
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  10. The way the narrative of "it's a cold I'm not worrying about it" seems to be becoming more prominent in my state. People honestly seem to be more concerned about the fact we have a shortage of bacon (due to lots of truck drivers being in isolation).

    We currently have 203 cases as Omicron only became active in our state last month. I'm worried for the inevitable wave and people are getting complacent because they're pissed off with our government for not opening international borders when the other Australian states did.
  11. Sam


    Apart from my mam testing positive on a lat flow on Wednesday (but then negative on a PCR yesterday, thank god), you’d think the pandemic was completely over here in the north east. It’s nice in a way, but it’s worrying too.
  12. The boyfriend has had a positive and a negative LFT this morning. Waiting on a PCR now just in case.
  14. LTG


    A family that grifts together sticks together.
  15. In the most unsurprising news of the day ,
    Absolute bastards.
    They should donate the money back and fuck off.
  16. Pretends to be shocked.
  17. Whew not me calling all this a whole year in advance while actual journalists publish complete uncritical garbage! Nillness for president.

  18. I'm a bit... torn about the whole thing I guess? Like, if we are only estimated to return to hospitalizations at levels equal to what we were at prior to Omicron, then wouldn't we technically still be on the cusp of overwhelming hospitals? I mean, they reestablished mask requirements mere weeks after they lifted them with the promise of vaccines -- so that would have been during the Delta wave... I don't know why I bother to understand anything anymore.
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  19. Lifting indoor masks in places with loads of people is so silly, anywhere... just keep it in place and if a quarter of people wear them it's still a win. Lift penalties yes but why tell people 'stop wearing them' it will only lead to more cases.
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  20. Yeah, that’s kind of my point? We lifted them for the vaxxed population in I believe May or June of 2021. Unvaxxed people predictably stopped wearing masks as there was no verification system in place (anyone with a brain should have been able to foresee that scenario), and less than 4 weeks later masks were mandated again.
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