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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Sore throat for the first time since the pandemic began. My students have been sick with a cold, many being away this past week or so, so hopefully it’s just that. Tested myself today and came back negative. Blah!
  2. Got 2 pings on my phone today saying I’ve been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID. They said it was from an interaction on the 13th March… I guess it’s the party I went to. As I mentioned I had a sore throat a few days back. It seems to have subsided and will take a test tomorrow to check what the situation is.
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  3. Day 5. Still testing positive - the second line came up immediately and was dark blood red and thick so that probably means a full 10 days of iso for me. I felt better this morning then got overconfident and cleaned the house and took the dog for a long walk (while avoiding others of course), but all that ended up completely wiping me out. I’ve never felt so fatigued in my life. I wouldn’t wish this thing on anyone!
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  4. Hope you will feel better soon!

    In my case, I finally tested negative on day 8 today (recent daily tests have been coming up positive so far but at least the second line was becoming more and more invisible post-day 5).
    Will stay home anyway just to be safe for a few more days.
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  5. We are in the same boat. I got it Saturday night and didn't test positive until Monday afternoon. I am on my 5th day right now and I tested and that line was bold. I feel fine / normal now though - so hopefully it stays that way. The worst of it being sinus pressure (this may be due to me getting back on my anxiety meds tho) and minor leg cramps on the 2nd day.
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  6. Another week, but this time the week started with news of some fresh infections of people who were at the office just before the weekend. Now, this time it's 3 already, so we're heading for a new peak. Remembering and feeling nostalgic about #covidchart updates in the beginning of this all / this thread.
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  7. Well, I got it. So far I've only got mild, cold-like symptoms and it better stay that way.
  8. Okay so my sore throat seems to have disappeared? It was intense on Friday and Saturday but then by Sunday morning it went? I tested every day and all my LFTs came back negative. So for now, I think I’m good? Because I’m travelling at the weekend I’ve started wearing my mask when I’m out and about on the street again because I don’t want to risk anything.

    And I’ve just learned that after March 23rd the Netherlands will no longer need people to present a negative PCR test when travelling. I’m in two minds about getting my fit to fly test now. Almost £120 for a test that’s no longer asked for, but I don’t want to be caught out, especially as this is the first time I’m travelling during Covid.
  9. Did you swab your throat when you did your nose? I tested my nose and was negative but did my throat and that's when I had the positive test in the beginning.
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  10. Yeah I've been swabbing both like crazy. I did just throat for one and nose for another just to see if anything would come of it. Still all negative results. It's maddening because I just wanna be sure!
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  11. And I can't catch a break...

    The boyfriend who is suppose to fly out next Friday tested positive on Sunday just. How likely is it that he'll be negative next Thursday? He can fly with an LFT and he has no symptoms bar fatigue at this stage.

    The first time bringing a boyfriend home and he might not be able to now. Pray to the gay gods for me ladies.
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  12. So I got it too. Cant believe I’ve avoided it for so long.

    Just like a bad cold for me at the moment. I seem to be transitioning from the hot/cold/hot/cold phase to the runny nose/sweaty phase.
  13. After a sleepless night of hot sweats, and the weirdest cough I've had for years, I thought before getting my haircut this morning, I'll do a LFT, and


    Triple jabbed, catsitting, and numerous films to catch up on, I hope the sweats were the worst of it.
  14. The fact I didn’t have it when I thought that I did and also the fact I had it when I was 100% healthy tells me this is the tricksiest disease ever.
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  15. Well I got The Covid. Two years to the day since lockdown. I was one of those nobs who has been a total social slag and not got it, and used that meme ‘am I better than everyone?’ well it turns out I’m not.
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  16. Thank you both so much for these posts. I've been testing negative all week when swabbing my nose, but just KNEW I didn't feel right AT ALL. I swabbed my throat this morning (two tests, just to be sure) and, sure enough...

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  18. The business I work at sent out a corporate email stating mask mandates are lifted on Monday.

  19. I really genuinely thought I was going to keep dodging this shit because (like many) I’ve been surrounded by positive people for ages and been fine. But it’s finally caught me, and I’ve been leading a school trip all day ddd
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  20. Dang, is the ba2 or whatever hitting you all that hard in Europe? Is this gonna be omicron part 2?
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