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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. This exact thing happened to me this week, right down to the school trip!

    So far symptoms not pleasant... but no cough, just fever coming and going.
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  2. Day 1 for me was a sore throat to begin with, so obviously I still went to work etc. Then an intense exhaustion hit me mid afternoon, followed by headache and a cough developing. At the end of last night it was feeling freezing in bed.

    Day 2 and so far I just feel insanely fatigued, with a thick headache and kind of confused/unable to string a coherent thought together. I feel like I’ve drank a bottle of vodka basically. As well as a horrible barky cough and general aches across my body.
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  3. I’m on day 11 since testing positive and slowly starting to feel human again. If you’ve got it and you feel awful my number one advice would be to listen to your body and rest, rest, rest. I tried to push through it and jump back in to work on Monday (day 7) and I crashed and burned completely.
  4. It’s scary how every person I spoke to today at work either on teams or on email all said they currently have Covid. This feels as rampant as it did during that week before Christmas here in London.
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  5. Has anyone else’s sleep been absolutely atrocious whilst positive? It’s so broken, and so light when I am sporadically able to drop off. It’s making everything feel worse. “:(“
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  6. On the contrary. I could sleep endlessly.
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  7. I tested positive yesterday. The symptoms are "somewhat" light, but the awful night I spent, waking up every thirty minutes, wasn't restful in the least. Hope next one will be better!
  8. Day 3 and I kind of just feel tired and a bit chesty. I felt atrocious yesterday and thought I would feel like that for longer. I’m glad I don’t, but I I’m a little surprised.
  9. I've had a really close contact so I'd love a negative result to ease my mind but god knows I can't find any tests anywhere!
  10. Had my first negative result this morning, maybe I was in the thick of it by the time I tested on Wednesday.
  11. jtm


    I had Covid in December and it took me two months to regain my sense of smell and taste but now all of a sudden things start to smell absolutely horrid. Cooked eggs, certain spices and other stuff smells rancid and like sulphur or old tires.. it‘s absolutely horrible. I hope this goes away soon because eating and sometimes even just being in the same room as food is no fun at the moment.
  12. I had a positive LFT test today. It seems that this round of Covid is getting all the people who have so far been pretty much immune. I’ve been exposed endlessly over the past year or so, taking the tube in London daily, being around people who test positive the next day etc without getting it until now.
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  13. Yeah. I just got over covid for the first time, two years in, despite being a secondary school teacher and having a flatmate who had it. Ditto my colleague.

    Issa new varianté mawma. Got to be got to be.
  14. Day 4 and I can’t really taste much. A hint of the saltiness in the butter on my toast, the sourness from my orange juice, the sweetness from the sugar in my coffee, but generally…


    Fatigue and cough still presenting.
  15. I've tested positive for the first time today. Tight chest and cough after being achey yesterday.

    It's miraculous that I've not had it before considering I work in a school and I've been in a classroom with outbreaks of 10+ kids
  16. It sounds like you could be suffering from parosmia
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  17. My mum had a positive LFT today. I'm still testing negative, my dad did too but he has MS and I'm so worried about him catching it - and he does seem to be a bit unwell so I guess we'll just wait and see. Low-key high-key freaking out. We're all tripple vaxxed but I'm just worried about caring for him and stuff like that.
  18. So I managed to dodge COVID for two years in central London whilst working and commuting throughout the entire pandemic but somehow caught it after a week in New York! My luck ran out.

    Started feeling rough last night and tested positive this morning. My throat feels like razors, things taste gross (I just had a tin of baked beans and OH MY GOD) and I am extremely congested but other than that I am managing well. My boyfriend on the other hand is so bad and I have never seen him this poorly before. I hope this is the worst of it and he recovers swiftly (and I don’t suddenly get worse).
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  19. I’m on day 6 and I think my taste is returning. Astonishingly tired still though.
  20. I think your taste works fine.
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