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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. R92


    Coming back from Spain where masks were still required inside and on transit to a train from Gatwick with non one masked and people just coughing and hacking away has been… jarring.
  2. Finally getting my first booster. Another Pfizer, 3rd time better work forever.
  3. She got me gals!

    I’ve got COVID, most likely from my fiancée who tested positive a few days ago. My head feels like it’s going to explode and my muscles ache like there’s no tomorrow- but I’m determined to power through it. Work are suggesting I don’t have to isolate but there’s no way I’m going in and spreading it via all the clothes I touch.
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  4. MB


    I'm on round 2 and it got me good! I started feeling rough Sunday but didn't get my first positive test till Wednesday am although I suspect if I'd tested Tuesday evening I would've been positive.
    Aching, chills just general cold like symptoms but definitely feels worse than round 1 (which was way back at the very start pre vaccines!) Seems to just be rife at the minute and now it's a tenner a box for tests no one's going to even bother. So it's like for me, if I didn't have any tests if I woke up tomorrow and felt fine then that's it? I'd just go out and carry on as normal. Just feels irresponsible and worrying!
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  5. After catching covid for the first time I must say I am thankful to be fully vaccinated and boosted. I am in my twenties with no pre-existing conditions and I barely ever get sick but boy oh boy covid knocked me the fuck out. The first two days were pure agony and I don’t remember feeling this bad in forever. Sleepless night despite being absolutely exhausted with throbbing headaches, razor dry throat and sweating buckets. Only today I feel somewhat human after first testing positive on Tuesday. I can’t imagine how much worse it would have been without the jab (& with the original strain).
  6. Day 9 and I’m feeling pretty fine now. Still can’t do a huge amount without becoming very tired but almost all my other symptoms have gone.

    The first few days were really rough though.
  7. I’ve been pretty lucky - my symptoms were incredibly mild and mostly happened before I tested positive. My LFTs are all still very positive though. I have no idea what the guidance is - my day 10 is Sunday but if I’m still testing positive (even with hardly any symptoms) should I be going out? Based on the old rules it was allowed but now we have no rules it’s all guesswork.
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  8. From days 5-10 2 negative lfts 24 hours apart should be ok. From 10 onwards 1 negative lft should be ok. If still positive isolate all 14 then out of isolation regardless. That would be my recommendation.
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  9. He


    I’m on the same boat. My 10th day is also Sunday but keep testing positive.

    Thanks for the advise!
  10. I first tested positive on Thursday 24th March - I'm still testing positive today. After avoiding it for over two years, my body is now refusing to let it go!
  11. That's only just over a week and 2 days, which is completely normal.
  12. Has anybody else found it extremely painful to talk with this?
  13. Day 11 still testing positive. After a few days of feeling almost back to normal, I’m really congested, tired, headaches again, stomach issues…

    Is this something else or is it normal to get another wave of symptoms at this point?
  14. MB


    I’m on day 6(ish) and feel worse than I ever have done. Not even bothering to test as I know what the result will be. Getting increasingly frustrated at being sick, I’m never poorly! Jealous of the people testing negative on day 5 and carrying on with their lives!
  15. I tested negative on Day 11 but still feel a bit fatigued and off-centre.

    Gym on Friday was awful.

    I think it’s just a case of allow yourself to be lazy.
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  16. Does the red line fade over time? Asking for my man.

    Also send porn.
  17. It does.
    My first day the second line was very dark red, I started testing regularly around days 5-7 and it was fading further each day.
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  18. kal


    Yeah I tested on the 8th day and got a barely visible red line, and on the 10th it wasn’t showing up at all.
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  19. The line’s supposed to be red????
  20. kal


    Depending on the manufacturer it can be blue as well. The instruction manual shows what color the line should be.
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