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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Let me know if you need anything!
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  2. Colleague at work has tested positive for Covid and she’s 8 months pregnant. I believe she’s vaccinated but we’re all hoping this bout of Covid wont affect the baby.
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  3. Just found out both my elderly parents and my aunt have now caught it and aren't doing so well. They've all been vaccinated but it's close to 5 months since their last booster. Despite my warnings my mum had stopped being so cautious ever since "Boris got Covid done". Angry, worried and despairing right now.
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    Sending you love. Hope your family are ok. It’s a worry on mine that my Mum gets it again. I do think cases seem “stronger” these days because our vaccines strength is waining.
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  5. Thanks for that, appreciate it. I'm just in shock at the moment and trying to process it, while feeling completely useless that I can't be there to help. They're in the seventies and eighties and already have enough age related health issues without this. Fingers crossed things improve. Best wishes to you and your mum.
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    My Mums in her mid seventies and got it in January and I felt the same as you, completely useless. I got various care packages of vitamins/cold and flu supplies etc from Amazon and also a food shop and just checked in as much as possible. They’ll know you’re there and doing what you can! Hopefully your folks will fight there way through it, my Mum had a couple of really bad days but pulled through so I’m sure yours will as well.
    I know my Mum has recently been contacted saying if she tests positive she can get new treatments so it would be worth them (or you) contacting their GP to get some? If you haven’t done already. My Mum also got sent a free box of lateral flow tests last week as well. Not sure if any of that helps but thought I’d mention it.
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  7. 3 of my housemates have had Covid and I have still, to the best of my knowledge, managed to avoid it. I don't really understand why, since each time I was in close contact with them in the days before they tested positive.
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  8. Woke up with an awful cough this morning after a couple of days with a bad cold. Positive lateral flow. Don’t think I’ve felt this unwell in years!
  9. I still feel tired all the time since having covid in February. Glad my light headedness is starting to go though.
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  10. I’m on day 4 of self isolation and I’ve noticed a improvement in my condition. My throat doesn’t feel like it has rocks and glass shards in it anymore. I still feel exhausted and my voice is still very hoarse and croaky- so I have to rest it as much as possible. But I’m grateful that I appear to be on the mend.
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    I'm finally negative. Don't feel anywhere near 100% though. What a rough week, I consider myself to be a fairly healthy person so quite shocked it knocked me down so hard.
    @lob0to I've been thinking of you. How are your family doing?
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  12. Let us know if you have any persistent symptoms. I've been negative for a week now, but still have a croaky throat and a bit of fatigue that doesn't seem to be shifting.
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  13. I got my second booster yesterday and the CVS pharmacist truly wasn’t lying when she said “this second booster hits hard with the flu symptoms”.
  14. Just booked a trip to Europe in June so I'm sure a new variant will be out soon to ruin my plans
  15. Glad to hear you're testing negative. It probably will take a while for your body to fully recover. I had it back in 2020 and it knocked the hell out of me, took me a good 2 months of yo-yo recovery. One day I would feel better, then the next I'd be exhausted and sleeping for 14 hours. Rinse and repeat, felt like it was never going to end.

    Just spoke to my mum on the phone. They're still not great but coping apparently. Thankfully her voice sounded a lot better than it had been. It had attacked her voice box as well as her chest and she sounded like she'd been sucking on a helium balloon while smoking 60 a day. Would have been funny if it wasn't so serious. Just got to hope the vaccines do their job and keep them out of too much trouble.

    Take care, hope you're feeling better soon.
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  16. Wait coz I just saw this word for word on Twitter...
  17. Are you one of my two followers?
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  18. What is it with boomers and ‘the sooner we stop testing, the better’.

    1 of my work colleagues is off sick with Covid and my boss is actually annoyed that she isn’t in the office to work. Another colleague has a cold and is in the office working and when I said he should be home working so as to stop him spreading it, I was told to stop being ridiculous. He only took a Covid test cause I went nuts at them for even suggesting not to bother testing.

    How are we at this point 2 years on where people still don’t get it.
  19. See the "actually it's good that people can't afford electricity. Hypothermia will only toughen them up" attitude prevalent amongst the commentsia and newspaper columnists.
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  20. Right...that's what I think! Multi-modal king etc.
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