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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Having to explain to my boss that I’m still testing positive less than a week after contracting the damn virus and that I’m in no way fit to work. Sigh.

    I went for an additional PCR test and for some blood tests as part of the vaccine trial I am part of yesterday and I was exhausted by the time I got back to the apartment. And that was an hour. I work six hour shifts lugging heavy boxes from a warehouse to a shop floor- there is no way I’m in any way strong enough to work.
  2. So confused. I developed a slight cough on Sunday so I did a test and it came back negative. Slept terribly that night and woke up blocked up, really tight chest and coughing, so did another test on Monday morning and gradually returned a really faint positive line.

    The last couple of days I've had the cough, congestion, sweats, lethargy and was running a temperature last night, but I've just done two antigen tests (by two different manufacturers) and they are both negative? So it seems I've gone from a faint positive to a negative within two days despite feeling horrendous. Does the negative antigen mean I might not be contagious? But then, I had a fever last night, which I think used to be the metric for contagiousness?

    Now I'm questioning if I saw the faint line, but I definitely did. Unless it was a false positive and I just have a really bad regular flu? Not sure has anyone else experienced this messiness.... Also I had Covid in start of December and it was beyond mild, but even with that I still presented a clear positive the first time I felt a need to test myself.
  3. Our state is one of the most triple vaccinated places on the planet, we have reached our peak, everyone was expecting our Premier to announce the mask mandate was ending yesterday... and he has kept it in place.

    I am so tired
  4. kal


    Wanna switch? We’re barely at 30% of the population being vaccinated, (with zero indication of that number growing any more) and most restrictions have now been lifted.
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  5. My partner’s family all went to a play park thing yesterday and today I woke up to 150 messages as they’ve all somehow tested positive. It was all outdoor but somehow 10 of them caught it.
  6. That seems really quick to test positive…? I thought it takes a few days to kick in, but I could be very wrong.
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    They probably had it before, takes a couple of days to present.
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  8. Well shit, after over two years it finally got me.
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  10. 699 days later...

    I'll probably still wear it in class, cause god knows where those mouths have been.
  11. A few months ago I thought I tested positive but I just misread the test, & the lab test I took came back negative. My symptoms aligned a lot with COVID so I figured I probably got it anyway.

    Cut to today, I officially tested positive. I...
  12. I got sick a few days after visiting the west coast at the end end of March/start of April and my rapid test was negative. My partner got sicker than I did a few days later and also tested negative. Cut to now and I've had horrible brain fog all week and I can't smell things too well but I feel otherwise fine. I wonder if the rapid tests have a hard time with BA.2 or I actually had the flu and now I have COVID nn.
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  13. I got so sick back in January that I was convinced I had to have had it in-spite of what the various tests I took said. Like, for weeks after my "flu-like symptoms" went away I still felt kinda fatigued and like I hadn't fully recovered.

    This all tracks with the regular flu so I'm probably just delusional but I was so convinced it had to be COVID that I'm now just confused nn.
  14. It took a couple of years but I've finally caught it!

    And it's terrible. I haven't slept in days, I'm coughing my lungs out, can barely stand and feel nauseous all the time.
  15. MB


    Hope you feel better.

    I think I'm 4 weeks in and am still struggling with mucus (attractive) meaning a general bad taste in my mouth! I called the Dr and they just basically said call them back in another 3 weeks if it's still carrying on. Very helpful! Any tips / medication / ANYTHING to help would be appreciated.
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  16. Thank you. It's my 8th day and I'm still having a lot of symptoms.
  17. Will they offer the spring booster to everyone? I’d like to get it eventually.
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  18. Try Olbas Oil (or an equivalent with the same ingredients) - 3-4 drops in a big bowl with boiling hot water, get a towel over your head and steam for a few minutes inhaling deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. It's really helped give me relief from some ongoing sinus headaches and congestion.

    I'm 6 weeks out since testing positive and slowly able to increase my activity levels without crashing completely now, but still need to pace myself. I pray there'll be updated vaccines in a few months widely available for all as I'll start to feel really vulnerable about catching it again once my antibodies fade. And also looks like South Africa are seeing a new Omicron wave with the BA.4 and BA.5 variants which is FUN. I do not want to catch this shit again.
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  19. I was that way with mine, I had a faint line when I swabbed my nose but then when I did my throat it was a strong, bold line.
  20. MB


    My housemate has now finally caught it! I’m hoping because I had it a month ago I’ll be fairly stocked up on antibodies so won’t get it again! However I’ll be keeping my distance, spraying everything touched with antibacterial spray and keeping the house ventilated!
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