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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. This is truly a disease from hell. Not only I experienced every single symptom, but the combined efforts of the virus and my incessant coughing managed to infect the membrane around my lungs - I'm now on antibiotics for it, but every single breath feels like a stab in the chest.
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  2. My boss tested positive and has been in my face or sat next to me a lot over the last few days while symptomatic. Let me get an IV drip of Vitamin C.
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  3. Well I just tested positive…. I’ve avoided it for so long but my sister comes home and gives it to me ugh.
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  4. Me too. Went to Portugal on holiday and a few days after getting home tested positive. It’s hit me so much even though I'm triple jabbed im surprised it’s been this bad? Currently on day 4. Funny I’ve managed to avoid it until now despite being exposed so many times!
  5. I really don't understand how I had cold symptoms last week and consistently tested negative, started to feel better over the weekend and then tested positive today, but here we are!

    I feel like it's karma for me continuously telling my co-workers who've all had it that I must be immune fff.
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  6. Well it got me finally. It could of been from my sister who just had it or my boss at work, but who knows really. It hit me yesterday and my cough has already subsided but I have the chills, sweats, and body aches. I feel like I did when I got my first shot. Ug.
  7. I got the Primavera strain! Started feeling not 100% last Sunday and when we got back I self tested and it was a pozzie. Terrible throat, headache, runny / stuffed nose, but no loss of smell / taste. Negative in seven days but yeah this wasn't nice. My boyfriend and close contacts didn't get it so it's all weird as O is supposed to spread super easily? Truly the most stunt queen of viruses.
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  8. There’s new variants, even more spreading I heard… get better soon @Vasilios
  9. I'm better now, but last week... rough!
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  10. Yeah, a friend of mine I saw there got it,
    Very close contact, but it never passed on to me
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  11. I had covid a couple of weeks ago and went into work before any symptoms showed etc, I hung out with a family member when I started to feel ill (then tested positive that afternoon) and yet not one person I was in close contact with caught anything!

    I was hit kinda bad with it, but was mainly just really tired and headachey, and I still have a cough even though everything else has gone.
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  12. Yeah we keep reading about new variants being super contagious and my bf didn't get it when we basically share bodies. So weird.
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  13. whose?
  14. Well, she finally got me gals. The red line on my lateral flow was dark and thick. Whatever I had in April wasn't this.
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  15. [​IMG]

    I still haven't managed to get it (that I know of)
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  16. So I think I might be over the worst of this now. Friday through Sunday I had a constant headache, shivers and muscle pain but that's all gone now. just a bit of a cough and a lack of taste and smell (which is so odd) I was worried my Diabetes would cause me to feel worse but other than the first two days it hasn't been any worse than a bad head cold.
  17. You probably had it asymptomatic. I'd have thought mine two weeks ago was the classic 'drunk too many ice drinks' cold (I had a huge Tequila Sprite that I drunk in one sip as I wanted to free my hands to take pics of Megan thee Stallion) if I hadn't tested cause no fever, no loss of taste / smell or pain.
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  18. It’s got me for a 4th time. Either at a work conference last week or the Jessie Ware gig in Glasgow on Monday.

    So far, just a sore throat and one blocked nostril. I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat and just knew what type of sore throat it was. Hoping this is as bad as it gets this time around.
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