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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I finally got it. Thankfully it's not so bad for me, just some mild symptoms but I also did nearly fall asleep in the barbers chair earlier on.
  2. Rob


    Maybe don't go to the barbers if you have it?!
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  3. We had a work event, just shared the pictures in Slack and everyone was like yeah that was fun again!
    One messages below is the news that one person tested positive on COVID now after, welp.

    Thank god I wasn't close to them.
  4. Well after dodging it all this time I got it.

    My boyfriend went to a big team event last week on Wednesday and he was already feeling a bit off the next day but I just thought he drank too much. On Friday two people at his work were sick and went home and then he was sick.

    We live together so it was hard to not be around him. Well since Sunday I felt shit. I have never felt so bad honestly, just sooo exhausted.

    Luckily I have no problems with my lungs but my temperature is going up and down all the time. I am barely hungry. I had a horrible headache for 3 days but I am slowly feeling better.

    I am still exhausted but my boyfriend is well again, it‘s just taking more time with me.
  5. I didn't know I had it then, it's where I began to notice symptoms.
  6. I have every symptom going and yet I’m still testing negative.
  7. Turns out I was next to them the whole event as they have the same name and I messed up the surnames. Welp!

    Of course... I felt I had a big after lunch dip (I ate too much) but it was way past lunch soo... We'll see.
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  8. Think I might have it - weird discoloured patch on my tongue which is kind of numb and tingly, hint of a sore throat, no other symptoms.
    Rapid test says no.
  9. So my sense of smell was fine when I was actively sick, but now that I'm about a week post symptomatic, it seems to be gone unless it's something extremely fragrant right under my nose (cinnamon, coconut, pine, etc.). Did anyone else experience that and how long did it last?
  10. That doesn't sound like covid. What colour is the patch?
  11. It's a really subtle whitish/yellow tinge.
    You can probably google almost any symptom + Covid and find results, so yeah, probably not that.
  12. I tested negative on Friday, so good for me!
    And another colleague tested positive on Saturday... And I hugged him a few times lols

    But still going strong!
  13. Not me testing positive 28 months into the pandemic

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  14. I've genuinely not been this poorly since I had COVID this time last year and yet still negative on tests.
  15. Definitely get the patch on your tongue checked by your doctor or dentist if it doesn't go away.
  16. Most cases of loss of smell/taste clear up within a few weeks or months.

    Or, you could be like me, who is now 2 years and 4 months post-Covid and still can’t smell or taste properly…
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  17. the irony
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  18. My life satisfaction is DEAD
    I don’t want COVID
    I just want ANTIGENS
    click here to see my LATERAL FLOW
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  19. Don’t wanna be a Debbie Downer but this article on how the western world is sleep-walking into disaster with our “living with Covid” strategies is completely terrifying.

    New research shows:
    • Infection with covid does not give you protection against future infection
    • Each reinfection increases the chances of long-term damage to your immune system, increasing the risk of susceptibility to other infections including - you guessed it - Monkeypox
    • Letting the virus run rampant with no mitigation strategies effectively leaves the whole population vulnerable to long-term or even terminal neurological damage and chronic illness
    • Any immunity from vaccines is quickly waning the more Omicron mutates
    The pandemic is not over, and it will not likely end for years. It spreads through the air in aerosols like a viral smoke, in distances greater than two metres. The disease (a thrombotic fever) is not mild. Just one infection can destabilize your immune system and age it by 10 years. The risk of long COVID increases with each infection. Reinfections harm the immune system and increase hospitalizations and death even among the vaccinated. (Just watch the data coming out of England and Quebec now.)

    Happy Thursday, I guess!
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  20. Honestly, COVID ending humanity may be for the best. The rest of the animals and plants are kind of iconic.
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