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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Yeah once I’m allowed out of the house again I am STAYING masked up.

    This one encounter with Covid has been enough of a learning experience.
  2. Also chit chat to the bare minimum. The way you can get it from someone who wants to know 'how are things'.
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  3. I've been following the articles posted by epidemiologist Katelyn Jetelina, and she's very good. She posts clear, informative articles a few times a week and today she posted about reinfections. The whole article is here, but this section is good information to know:

    Her stuff is good and has definitely helped allay some anxiety.
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  4. Elvis gave me Covid.
  5. The new ‘Freddie Starr ate my hamster.’
  6. But this is easier said than done... are we really going to have 2020 rules for the rest of our lives? Testing, quarantines, contact tracing etc. it cost the world an absolute fortune, we can't do that forever. Plus, it would require a global lockdown again and restrictions on travel as not every country will have the same rules. It's impossible.
  7. Welp, it's happened. After 2 years of avoiding it, the boyfriend has it. I'm assuming that means I have it as well

    EDIT: Done a test and for now it’s negative, I swear I’m super immune
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  8. Going for zero Covid isn’t going to be possible now but had we acted quickly and put health over economy at the start, we could have.

    But the right wing media spent so much time going on about mask wearing being oppressive that they’ve fucked us all over.
  9. Oh absolutely, the start of this pandemic was shambolic. Governments didn't know what to do. The WHO did nothing. The scientists (with all respect) kept giving conflicting advice. There wasn't enough PPE globally.

    I really hope the world's governments learn from this.
  10. He


    They didn’t, and they won’t do any differently. There’s a new wave and there’s no strategy, as long as the economy doesn’t suffer a big impact again: it’s all about short term gain and not about peoples lives. There’s clear evidence supporting investment on mitigating / containment strategies, such as better indoors air circulation. There’s no “learning to live with it” as we are right now, it’s not possible.
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  11. My mum has COVID but no one else in our house does dd. This virus continues to perplex.
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  12. It's finally back for me, I could not imagine dealing with that for almost 2.5 years though. I'm sorry.
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  13. There is a way to live with Covid and it included wearing masks being the norm, including ventilation, venues such as cinemas keeping distancing, continued testing, rapid testing in the community.

    But we’ve done nothing and learned nothing. The next pandemic will come along and we’ll make all the same mistakes.
  14. Yeah I was under the impression that living with the virus meant keeping some of the measures we’ve had in place rather than just throwing it all away and going back to normal. Masks do seem to have become “socially acceptable” now for the most part but distancing, basic hand washing and regular testing have all gone out the window. Mind you, I say masks have become socially acceptable, I still see non-masked people giving masked people weird looks and making passing remarks on transport.

    We’ll never really learn from this.
  15. Are the vaccines losing effectiveness? I seem to know just as many cases as before in this wave and just as many people with symptoms
  16. Not only losing effectiveness, but pretty much useless against the new variants when it comes to infection (they still protect you vs serious illness). Moderna has a new booster version hopefully coming out in August that will have an updated version of the MRNA to combat the Omicron variants.
  17. He


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  18. I'm very ready and willing to get another booster. Let's just hope these babies keep workin' cause... it's literally our only strategy out of this anymore.
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  19. So I’ve finally caught it after all this time and in a bizarre twist of fate this is the healthiest I’ve felt in months…
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  20. Tested positive today and it has floored me.

    I was bed bound all day yesterday with shivers, severe headache and dizziness.

    Today I have muscle aches all over as if my body is covered in bruises and my taste has disappeared - which is weirdly the most difficult part to cope with.

    I’m hoping my taste isn’t away for long cause that shit is weird and really hard to put up with.
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