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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. I don't want it!!! I just keep thinking about me circa March 2020. If I would have known it would still be a problem by now, I would've stayed a "five shots for breakfast" alcoholic. It's going to be an exhausting rest of our lives and it didn't have to be this way.

    Y'all who are sick, get better soon k? Fucking stupid virus.
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  2. guess who tested positive a week before their birthday!!

    I'm fine and it's basically like a cold. I was feeling a bit weaker on Monday/Tuesday but not anymore. THAT BEING SAID, if I don't get better by my birthday, I-


    I'll probably be more afraid of getting a heart problem because of it as it's an anxiety trigger for me. I'll probably run to the cardiologist right after I get better. ff
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  3. Yeah I'm getting a pacemaker installed...shit is real y'all ddd
  4. I have all the symptoms but still test negative... I'm classing this as me getting it. Took me long enough!
  5. Starting the lose some of my sense of taste now, I'm hoping it's just because of my cold-like symptoms. This was the one I was dreading the most, I like my food!!!
  6. It can be unsettling, I’m right there with that symptom right now too.

    But just remind yourself that, for the large majority, taste and smell tend to recover relatively quickly.
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  7. My smell was COMPLETELY gone last night and I was starting to worry. It’s a little better this morning.
  8. Re the loss of smell, I found this article on Smell Retraining Therapy interesting:

    Originally, Professor Hummel used four basic smells, lime (fruity), cloves (spicy), eucalyptus (resinous) and rose (floral). Nowadays if four different and familiar odours are used, it doesn’t appear to decrease the effect. Essential or aromatherapy oils such as lemon, sandalwood, cinnamon, and peppermint are popular.

    The two key aspects are to perform the re-training twice daily for about 20 seconds, for four months or until recovery, and to be mindful and focused during the task. This is done simply by opening each jar separately and taking gentle ‘bunny' sniffs for 20 seconds while concentrating on what you are trying to smell. Then continuing with the next fragrance.
  9. FINALLY tested positive after about 4 days of symptoms and 3 negative tests.
  10. Rona finally got me after 2 years. I feel as if the symptoms just hit me all at once.
  11. Last week was weird.

    I tested negative on Tuesday, then on Thursday I was feeling awful - did a test in the evening and I was positive. Friday I was rotten! Saturday woke up feeling almost back to normal already. Yesterday I felt absolutely fine - tested in the evening and I was negative. Then another test this morning and again negative.

    Could I have got it and got rid of it that quickly - within 5 days?
  12. Yes some O variations are over in 3-4 days
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  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I've still got a cough and my taste and smell aren't fully back yet, about two weeks after catching it I think, but very glad I got the jabs and the booster in case it would have been worse.
  14. Not the boomers my mum plays tennis with, almost convincing her the vaccinations are bad... Thank god she already had her fourth. She settled on well let everyone decide for themselves and she's still not too sure about those for pregnant women... Okay.

    These people really thinking 'their "science"' aka experiences of 1 person are more realistic than the stuff a lot of actual scientist have worked for. Can't believe it. But I heard- You didn't hear shit, Karen. Get your jab and f# off!
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  15. Lost my taste and smell for a few days but I think they’re coming back now.

    I’m still testing positive but it’s really faint so I have to go back to work tomorrow since I’m technically all better.
  16. I'm convinced I have COVID - I had a cold already and then I went to visit my uncle in a care home and he had it (I am actually extremely worried about him - he was coughing alot and behaving in a way in which I'd never seen him, even when distressed) and we were in close contact. I've woken up with chills, a really sore throat and a runny nose but I'm still testing negative?
  17. I had symptoms for three or four days before the test showed as positive. Isolate yourself and track your condition. Good luck and get well soon!
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  18. Literally exactly the same, all the classic symptoms and I was still negative.
  19. My mother in law was meant to begin chemo tomorrow but she’s tested positive for Covid. I’m so gutted for her. On top of that, 3 members of my team have tested positive for Covid after we all went to a work event last Wednesday. Thankfully I’ve tested negative but everyone else is on vacation so that’s their holiday ruined. Sigh.
  20. What are we going to do? We can't do this every few months when a new wave hits.

    Even with a vaccine and all boosters, it still knocked me for a good few days.

    Are 6 monthly boosters going to be needed for everyone?
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