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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. kal


    I got it 4 months after my booster. The current vaccines are just not effective against the more recent strains.
  2. That’s just not true though is it? There’s a difference between protection against symptomatic infection (which does seem to have been reduced) and protection against severe disease.
  3. kal


    Sure, but that doesn’t really make me any more inclined to get a second booster, especially considering my experience. What’s taking so long with newer vaccines that can reduce infection with the new strains?
  4. He


    There’s less pressure, funding, interest, etc. Remember governments just packed their bags and said: the economy.
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  5. My question also. They were supposed to be able to roll out updated vaccines in 6 months. What's taking so long? Omicron has been around since December.
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  6. I imagine they’re probably waiting to see what strain is predominant come fall? People are more indoors when it’s colder, so I imagine that’s when a vaccination campaign makes more sense.

    I’m currently more worried about monkeypox, honestly fff
  7. Yeah, they will probably follow the same way the usual flu vaccinations are made where they guess which ones will be dominant. So I'm expecting another / 4th jab to be in autumn. Hopefully it can be done all on time.
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  8. Yes, they're updating vaccines to include the latest dominant variants (BA.4 and BA.5), and they'll be ready by autumn. Plus, I believe the Novavax vaccine is getting rolled out soon.
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  9. Well... I felt bad yesterday and slept like total shit today, so I tested before going to work and...


    It's not that bad though, feels like a regular cold. But not sure where I got it from? If it was from the Chormatica Ball; so worth it! If it was from going out Friday? Maybe so, hopefully I did not spread it. Glad I skipped Milkshake, otherwise I was a super spreader...

    Of course timing could be better, but Pride is this weekend so I hope I'll be recovered then.
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  11. Just received a memo from my university about covid protocols for the fall semester. It basically amounted to "We give up. Good luck!"

  12. Not being positive 2 and a 1/2 years later… and right before my busiest month in 2 and a 1/2 years.
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  13. Went this entire time without getting it and then finally got it now.

    Two Friday's ago I got a sudden spell of lightheadedness and fatigue after having a milk shake, almost like blood sugar overload. Then all that weekend just random cases of the same thing. Carried into last Monday and Tuesday (7/25-7/26) where I was ready to call the doctor, thinking something was off. Wednesday night started coughing with my lungs on fire as I did it. Figured I better self-test. Negative. Went to work. Cough getting gradually worse throughout the day and couple co-workers start coughing too. Sure enough, I'm bed-ridden Friday and Saturday and find out there is a breakout in my office (I may have been the culprit unknowingly spreading it). That five-day fatigue spell with lightheadedness must have been the incubation period. I also found out you can test negative as you first get symptoms. Now I'm finally negative test again (after a few positives ones) since last night. Still a lingering cough because my respiratory system is recovering. I had every symptoms at some point but never all at once. My tongue has had an on-and-off metallic/sour taste. The worst was Saturday AM when after a couple sleepness nights and massive body aches I started to wonder what was even reality and hardly felt present.
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  14. I've still not had it (that I'm aware of) and honestly, the longer I go without catching it, the more anxious about it I get.
  15. This is my vibe too. I know it's just a matter of time, and I'm due for another international flight soon so yay.
  16. I only got it last week for the first time (that I know of). Thankfully I only had a runny nose for a few days and some minimal tiredness, but this experience has highlighted the importance of regular testing for me. I only tested myself that day because when I get a cold it usually affects my throat and not my nose and I thought it was weird. If I hadn't, I would have been around my 90+ year old grandma and my little niece and nephews while at the peak of the infection. It's bad that it messed my holiday plans, but there will be other trips. It would have been much worse if they had got it from me.
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  17. Has anyone who's travelled internationally noticed people travelling whilst being fully sick and just coughing everywhere without a care in the world?!

    My neck is honestly sore from giving people daggers, I will be amazed if I don't get it when I get back home - people don't even cover their mouths! Hopefully the fact that masks were mandatory on three out of my four flights will be my saving grace but time will tell.
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  18. kal


    I definitely noticed a few people like this at the airport a couple of weeks ago. Thank fuck they ended up going on a different flight.
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  19. SBK


    It's not just international travel, its any kind of travel.

    I was on a train yesterday and people were coughing, sneezing like its 2019. Its amazing gow quickly people move on and forget.
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  20. Yeah I was on the tube yesterday evening and saw someone who was wearing a mask lift it up, sneeze out into the general air without covering their mouth and then put their mask back on. What’s the point of your mask if you’re going to sneeze into everyone else’s faces?!!
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