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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Boyfriend has it again, which means I'm probably in for Round 3 before long. Booooo.
  2. I've had it for a week now; it's not stopped me working (from home), but is stubbornly preventing me from doing much else in it's backgroundy lurking shady way.
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  3. I'm so glad I wasn't papped on the front page of a national newspaper dancing around in a swimming pool surrounded by 10,000 other gays off their faces wearing speedos last week, because I'd feel pretty embarrassed about having covid now.

    OK, that was me.
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  4. kal


    Welp, my dad got it. And since we drove together for several hours the other day, I'm going to spend my birthday in quarantine.
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  5. Bye Pumpkin!
  6. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Maybe I'm reading too far into this but does Fauci deserve a "Bye Pumkin?" His career is marked with missteps but ultimately I think we're better off with his work through his entire career than without. Just look at Dr. Deborah Birx flopping out of the trump administration and still haunting us as a ghoul on morning television. Or Rochelle Walensky who has remained toothless her entire run at the CDC. There are things I dislike about Fauci but I ultimately think he did his best to steer our sinking, plague ridden ship onto shallow waters for our local governments to kill off the remainder of survivors.

    A deserved retirement, but as with anyone leaving government at any time these days I shudder to think who will be the replacement.
  7. It was the only meme response I could think of in the moment. We are very fortunate that he stuck it out for as long as he did.
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  8. kal


    I just did a test because today was supposed to be my last day in quarantine, and I’m positive with a very very faint line. Guess that explains the mildly sore throat and the profuse sweating.
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  9. Not me walking past a window and hearing a woman inside tell a man: "Yeah, you're not feeling well just like all of us here aren't feeling well, because we're not vaccinated!".

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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Going for my 2nd booster on Friday...
  11. I've gone to a few outdoor shows recently, but I'm really struggling to decide on attending an indoor concert next month (Bauhaus). I've managed to avoid covid so far, but in the past I've had awful respiratory reactions to normal flus due to my normally moderate asthma.
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  12. As it looks like under-50s without underlying conditions won't be prioritised for another booster anytime soon in the UK, I took a covid antibody blood test this week - mainly out of curiosity. It came back with antibodies greater than 2500 U/mL which is as high as it goes, and it's been over 5 months since I had it and now almost 9 months since my booster. This has chilled me out a little, but let's see what fun new variant we get this autumn...
  13. Ooh, where can I get one of those? I'm curious.
  14. I went for the Lloyds Pharmacy one, which will check for antibodies regardless of whether they're from vaccination and/or past infection.
  15. I have it for the third time, had to be treated as an outpatient at the hospital. Even after 4 vaccines and having had it twice…just gross as heck.
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  16. The actual website is still unclear on which locations have it but I’m ready for round 4. Give me the microchips!!!!
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  17. I felt awful after doses 2 and 3, didn't get a 4th, had COVID at the end of June and felt like I did when I got the vaccine, and if the new vaccine is for original strains and omicron... oof.
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  18. So, any booster you schedule from here on out should be the bivalent version. When the FDA approved it, they also revoked practitioners’ ability to use the original vaccine as a booster. All boosters are the updated version.

    Just got my booster this evening and waiting for the side effects to kick in. They always do!
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  19. Hm… the lying about masks and vaccine efficacy is a bit irredeemable.
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