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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. What are you referring to? Genuinely asking.
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  2. It finally got me. Back at school teaching, and my kids have been dropping like flies with a cold but no one reported covid. A lot of teachers were out sick, but my symptoms were pretty mild and I chalked them up to fall allergies and a reaction to the smoke in the air, as I typically get hit really hard with head colds but this one was fairly moderate and manageable, so I pushed through. Saw my test kits in my cupboard tonight and decided to test myself despite not thinking I had covid as I've been generally ok, and that T line hit hard and dark immediately.

    I feel awful that I didn't stay home from work this week despite feeling bad but with so many of my kids and other staff being out without covid being reported I thought it was just a head cold.

  3. Ok so for those of you who lost their sense of taste, how long did it take to return? Eating is fucking WHACK.
  4. My taste was completely gone for about two weeks and then started to return in stages over the next couple of weeks. I got spicy foods and chocolate back before other things.

    It did come back fully though.
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  5. Blah! This is going to suck.
  6. I’ve just hit the two and a half year mark since having Covid and my smell/taste are still not fully back…
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  7. Wonderful!
  8. This is me right now. I had a scratchy throat and thought it was allergies but decided to do an antigen because my mum is going through chemo. The 2 lines showed up immediately. I was in such disbelief I took out the instructions to make sure that’s what it meant because I hadn’t done a test for so long. I feel fine really, I just hope to god I haven’t spread it to my family since I live with them. I’ve never had covid before so that’s why it added to the shock of the test result.
  9. Had the new booster yesterday, Pfizer BA45 and... send help.
  10. Well, the bad sis got me finally after two years of somehow avoiding it.

    It's been fairly manageable aside from 24 hours where my throat felt like literal razor blades, which was awful. Outside of that it's mostly just a slightly grim head cold and feel like I should be fine by Monday.

    Just gonna be like this every autumn now when the kids go back to school/universities start isn't it? Flop.
  11. Me too! Feel absolutely shocking. Had to cancel all plans, and have spent all day in bed / on the sofa. On the plus side, I’ve watched all of Selling The OC.
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  12. So Rona finally got me. My husband tested positive for it yesterday with a super dark line. I tested negative in the morning but had a faint line by the evening.

    It’s been awful so far. Burning up and freezing cold at the same time. Constantly feeling like I’m going to throw up, fever dreams, dizziness.
  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I got my booster and flu jabs yesterday and my arm is killing me!
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  14. Same here. My arm, my head, my whole body. First time getting the flu vaccine and doing both at the same time was maybe a bit ambitious.
  15. kal


    Ah yes, for sure it’s not gonna be the declining population, but long Covid. Clown university.
  16. It’s horrible isn’t it? I hope you feel better soon.
  17. Yes, I can't stress enough that electrolytes are your best friend with covid and/or vaccine. Whatever the European versions of Gatorade and more so Pedialyte are.
  18. Looks like I might need some Lucozade because I feel ROUGH. I've woken up with a chill, aches and a heavy head. I tested and it isn't Covid but these were the initial symptoms I had when I first had it back in December and only tested positive for it on Christmas Day after a week of feeling like death!

    Sigh, I expected as much given the change in weather and the fact I've been running on fumes lately.
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