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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by beautifulmorning, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Got my bivalent booster (one week after my flu shot) and praying I'm not going to get any side-effects.
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  2. Yours truly tested positive for Covid today. I guess it was unenviable. My fever surged passed 104 degrees Fahrenheit during the night. Thankfully it’s down to 101 but man, I feel like someone hit me continuously in the head with a brick. It all started with a sore throat. sigh
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  3. Welp! After how many years?? Looks like I finally got COVID. Ran out of test strips that I used to test my parents(they both have it with flu like symptoms). Luckily the only symptom I have is a sore throat. Will get tested tomorrow. Worst couple of weeks for this to happen now.
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  4. I wish you the best. I’m on day 3 now. Ugh. Sore throat started this off for me. I wonder if I have the Omicron variant as that reportedly starts with a sore throat. If this is the milder form of Covid, I hope I never find out what full-blown Covid feels like.
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  5. I’ve been testing negative for over a week now but I’m still phlegmy. How long did this last for others?
  6. This took months to settle down for me to be honest, and would flare up occasionally. Breathing in hot steam with Olbas oil helped greatly.
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  7. Has anybody got any tips on how to get your sense of smell and taste back?

    Covid got me this week and not being able to taste or smell is making my SAD even sadder.
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  8. I got another booster yesterday - and my first ever flu shot - as my b/f is classed as vulnerable. Woke up at 2am roasting in bed, pounding headache, dizzy af. It's mostly subsided throughout the day, but I've kept an annoying palpitation/chest pain throughout.

    For most people it returns in a few days. I was carrying around a scented candle and trying to detect it every few hours, I'd get the shortest of aromas and then it kind of naturally just reappeared. My taste remained mostly intact. It's annoyingly a game of patience.
  9. Not Franny ":("
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  10. So yeah, abolish ICE
  11. Been offered the winter 2023 booster at short notice today. Anyone had it and how was it?

    EDIT: I see people have been pretty ill with it. Shall have to give today a miss.
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  12. I had the booster a few weeks ago, just got a sore arm for a couple of days.
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  13. I had it, we’re 2 new vaccines with upgraded to be effective against the omnikron variants.
    Only had a sore arm a few days, easy peasy. But never had anything else from covid vaccines.
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  14. Just chiming in to say Madoner's booster gave me absolutely no side effects. Got it with my flu shotty and had no valid excuse to skip work.
  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Got sent home from work on Thursday cos I was coughing something fierce but they tested me before I left and still... I was negative. Guess I just have a cold. I've tested negative for nearly three years into this thing and it is still bizarre to me.
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  16. I’ve had a lingering sore throat for 2 weeks now, I wake up in the morning sore as hell and then as the day goes on my throat is okay. I’m at the point now where if it is a cold or Covid can it just manifest itself and so I can get this over with?!

    It’s made me more inclined to mask up on the London Underground which is good because my god, it was so packed this weekend and the amount of people just full blown sneezing and coughing was gross. There’s definitely “something going round” especially in london right now.
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  17. I’ve had the exact same thing but I keep testing negative. I think this winter is just going to be awful for bugs, colds, flu etc
  18. Yeah I keep testing negative too, it’s so annoying! You’re right, this winter is going to be gross, I think it’s because it’s the first mask-less winter since 2019 and there’s loads of things flying about!
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